eggs with double g


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eggs with double g

how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?
i like them crispy fried on the bottom and raw on the upper side. yum...
i also like scrambled eggs but not that much. don't foget the bacon and some melted cheese :D


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I'm a hardcore omelette man! Put lots of cheese, onions, and mushrooms in there and that's a breakfast of champions. Serve with toast and sausage.
Many ways to use eggs.

Since we have our own chickens, we have awesome eggs as a reward. I like to make omelettes with all sorts of things in them, but the scrambled eggs are fine as well. Fried eggs, easy over (cooked whites but liquid yolks) are fine as is, or made into egg/bacon/cheese sandwiches. Poached on toast, quite lovely. Hard boiled for a snack, yum.

Eggs are quite cool.

Oh yeah, and egg salad. Can't forget egg salad. And hard-boiled eggs cut up into a green salad.
my middlename is omelet.

actually it's not, but i sure do like omelets, i learned from alton brown of good eats. :)

and in a 6th grade spanish class. o.0


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scramble eggs = hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drools*

i would tell you but i am wasted from work today, so ill let some other person type it :p

i am such a gentleman


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Omelette with cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, black olives, spanish olives, and green pepper.

Or make a heart attack sandwich:
[top of bagel, toasted]
[bottoom of bagel, toasted]
Scrambled eggs:

Break eggs in bowl
Whisk eggs with fork until consistant
Add a small amount of milk or water
Pour in pan and stir/break up eggs
When nearly solid add cheese if so desired
Serve on plate with fresh pepper

I like eggs over easy myself.


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Carnage-DVS said:
I'm a cooking noob. Someone teach me how to make an omlette/scrambled eggs and I'll give them my soul.
scrambled eggs:
get some bacon and eggs
cut bacon in not too small pieces
put the bcaon into the pan with some oil
let it fry for 1 or 2 mins
scramble the eggs
add the eggs
start mixing them with a fork
thats it.
soul please :p


I like a fried egg in a sandwich, just cooked enough so that the yellow part is hard.

I like big omelettes with tons of stuff...mushrooms, bacon, cheese, onions and a lot of stuff.