Effective BvB Armor!???????


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Effective BvB Armor!???????

This is ladder btw
Ethereal Unique Sharktooth armor, Toothrow... upgraded with the recipe and Zoded
should be around 2500+ defense with 40% open wounds
the nice thing is that it also has 10 str

ive heard that in BvB def is really important....and zoded eth armors are good
but i dunno if this is as good as enigma in BvB with the 60 str loss

and is def really that important?
will godly barbs hit u anyway?

:xgift:.. :xmad: . man these things look stupid

edit: btw, is it best to get as low as possible str and high as possible VIT for BvB now?


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Upgrading Ethereal Armour recipe BUG. (when I say armour I mean shield/helm/belt etc). This doesn't affect weapons.

When you get an eth. armour and want to upgrade it, the bug makes it so the ethereal mod (50% extra base defence) is NOT applied to the upgraded item - you're losing out on a ton of defence.

If you're going for defence, +2 Arkaine's is nice, though defence extremists may want to use that Stone runeword in some sort of superior Sacred Armour. Ethereal Steel Carapace has 2xxx defence as well.

Other questions :

1) Yes, defence is very important in melee dueling, not just BvB.

2) You will always get hit (though high defence = you shouldn't be hit too much before your opponent dies).

3) Yes, tweaker build is somewhat more useful compared to the old "All-str" type builds.


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i play classic btw

would having a higher blocking % be better than having higher def? (also considering everyone having the same high ar - around 10k)

i.e., having 75% block using twitch, with 2k def, and 10k ar
having 69% using sigons shield and an ornate, with around 7k-10k def, and 10k ar


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I will list the top 5 BvB armors in no particular order:

1) Eth Puled Steel Carapce (Highest Defense possible)
2) Eth Templars Might Zoded (2nd Highest Defense)
3) Eth Glads Bane Zoded (cannot be frozen)
4) Eth +2 Arkaines Valor Zoded (nice mods)
5) Enigma (Great str/, r/w, skills bonus)


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i prefer Eth zodded arkaines for BvB. it has 21xx defense, adds vitality, + skills, its quite nice. Eth glad bane is good too, i sometimes use it when i use 2 angelic rings and ammy. Cannot Be Frozen helps when im out of mana and need to use conc (yes i do not believe in mana potting, if you're out of mana, thats your builds deficency and you should have to deal with it)


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xtc_sazabi said:
yes i do not believe in mana potting, if you're out of mana, thats your builds deficency and you should have to deal with it

Here here xtc! Now that right there is a mature dueler. I commend your thinking on that issue.



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thx guys

and for steel carapace... woudlnt a 40/max jewel be much more effective then a 20% enhance defense pul rune?


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ED/Max and ED/Min jewels are bugged and don't add full bonus (or maybe it's a display error). Stick with ED/Str or ED/IAS or ED/-req jewels (anything not ED Max/Min).

Pul will give a MASSIVE boost to an eth Steel Carapace, after all mods are applied (Shout/Iron Skin) it means the difference of maybe several thousand defence rating...