Effective build for a PvM necro?


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Effective build for a PvM necro?

After reading over quite a few threads, this will be my skill distro for a summoning/poison necro. Please tell me what I should modify and what would benefit me. I just plan to use the skels as tanks while I dish out poison damage.

Poison & Bone Skills:
20 Poison Dagger
20 Poison Explosion
20 Poison Nova
1 Bone Armor

1 Amplify Damage
1 Weaken
1 Iron Maiden
1 Terror
1 Life Tap
1 Decrepify
1 Lower Resist

15 Skeleton Warrior
16 Skeleton Mastery


Max skele mas and raise skele. These guys can kill help a lot.

Poison is okay but you will need items like death's web.
Ifrit18 said:
Max skele mas and raise skele. These guys can kill help a lot.

Poison is okay but you will need items like death's web.
I think 3-trang (glove belt shield) + blackbogs could do alright, with summon support. May want to use marrowwalk and add a point in bone wall to get the nice bonus to BA.


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This can be a very effective hybrid build and my guy is lvl 73 in Hell right now waiting for me to make a Smoke Armour to raise his resists. I use Poison Dagger seriously to kill Bosses and stab other stuff for fun, with a Fleshripper giving crushing blow and open wounds to anything which has high hit points. Poison Nova can wipe out all the small creatures and help your skellies kill bigger stuff. Even in Hell I often use Poison Nova (without Lower Resist) but with the skellies to kill rather than use Amp Damage and CE to kill groups. The Trangs Oul gloves, belt and the Wing that I use is great for the -25% poison resist and for the fire spells it gives. With all those options I forsee no big problems in Hell and it is fun to play in so many different ways.

My strategy was to Max the main skills I was using first. So Skellies, Poison Dagger and Poison Nova are all maxed and Skellie Mastery has about 10 points now. I have lots of 1 point wonders including clay golem, revives, summon resist and all curses. The next use of the few points left (maybe 20 more to get) will go into SM and Poison Explosion. So my 2 Poison spells will not have maximum synergies but I find the Skellies need a few more points to be successful as I don't have many + skills. Then Skellies and merc plus revives will deal with poison immunes including the ones that can't be broken by LR.

On equipment I've been insanely lucky recently, finding a Death Web, a 5/5 poison facet and Blackbog to go with the Fleshripper the character was built around. But as I'm magic finding and leveling in Nightmare at present I mostly use a Gull dagger :lol: . I shall be testing out the differences in effectiveness of the two main daggers and the Death web wand and my flexible build lets me use all of them.

Good Luck and enjoy playing.


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Aim for slvl10 Lower Resist with adders, anything less and you won't break those 110% poison resistant immunes.