+ED Jewel Socket or Jah rune for life?


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Hey guys I have a LVL 95 Zealot Paladin. I have 2750 life and I do 2k-6k Zeal Damage. I have 2 socket item things left from the dude in act 5. Im not taking suggestions on new equip I have exactly the equip I want.

I have Gullaumes Face as a helm and Herald of Zakarum as a shield. I have 2 Jah runes and 2 ED Jewels both +39% and I cant decide which items to socket into said Helm and Shield. What do you guys think is the better way to go trying to survive Hell players 8. Life or more DMG?

Or is there such a thing as a Jewel with +ED and life, Or is there something better to socket these items with?
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