Easy Questions Tornado Druid.


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Easy Questions Tornado Druid.

What rings should I use.

What shield should I use.

What amulet should I use.

Queen Mebd

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That all depends on what fcr and fhr breakpoints you'd like to hit. Also these'll be a bit more important if this guy'll be solely for pvm or if you'd like to pvp some too. For the shield, Whistan's guard is a favorite of mine while leveling since it has such a high block. Stormshield or Spirit runeword is the usual endgame choice for a lot of people. The jewelry can be + druid skills for the amulet and fcr rings, some of these you might find yourself ingame leveling.

A great place to get an idea of some gear choices are some of the sticked guides (http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=238126) for starters.

Hope that helps, if you still have questions don't hesitate ask.


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I go with:
2 druid, life, mana, resist amulet (actualy found one that beats mara :grin:)
dex, resist, FCR rare ring(extra dex for block)
str, resist, mana, life, FCR rare ring(this baby has all you need)

usualy you'll wanna go for FCR, resist on rings and + skill, resist, FCR on amulet.