Easy build gear to get mf'ing?


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Easy build gear to get mf'ing?


I've just kicked off a new ladder character after a good 3 years absence.

I have had no problems leveling and have gotten to 86 in fairly short order on the back of my forge.

I’m now going to have to get down to the business end of the game and start magic finding. My gear however is atrocious and even nightmare meph is taking a fair few pots to beat through.

Does anyone have any tips ? I don’t mind starting with bog all magic find, but I need a little idea on socketing etc to get me the solid gear to start building.

As it is when im doing baal runs I die to just about anything in very short order and whilst that was ok up until now because of the volume of xp it is now to the point where if I die its very nearly defeats the purpose.

Anyway some tips would be appreciated but just so u know I have not much in the kitty that would be a tradeworthy. So I’m looking more along the lines of safety first wealth later.

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What char r u using? I use a pure blizz sorc to mf meph in hell and never die. If you r using a sorc use spirt shield. It doesnt have any mf but it will help with killing speed. Its also cheap to make. If u cant find a monarch 4soc shield just make in the first 4soc shield u find. As for safe gear i used cathens. I know its a horrible set but it helped with its ok mods till i got tals and eventally shako.


Blizz sorc, IMO, and the opinion of a lot here, is the best MF char to use. Basically, get her up to level 80 or so, that will allow for most blizzard and most of it's synergies to be reached (Not quite, but close) you'll be doing about 2K damage or so and with maxed CB you can eat through NM meph pretty quickly, and that's without + gear.

Spirit is a good help, same with a spirit sword. +4 skills right there. Ptopaz's are easy to come by if you cube em up, and finding a 3os helm isn't that much either, that's 72 or 78 I forget to MF. Tals belt goes for a few pgems, and low chancies can go pretty cheap too. Basically if you just find the crap as you're leveling, you can get about 150 MF which is a good start to finding better gear or stuff WORTH trading, to eventually get Tals Set, which is nice for MF. :D

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I dont use Full tals set i use

Helm: Shako with Ptopaz
Wepon: Oculus
Armor: Tals with a Tal rune i think. Its the one that gives + to light res
Shield: Spirit in a Monarch
Belt: Tals
Boots: Magic boots with +mf
Gloves:trang when teleing/Chance Guards when killing act boss
Ammy: Tals
Rings:2 perfect Nagelrings
And some res charms

This is a good set up. Lots of +skills and res,Mf is up there in the 400-500 range(Never counted it) and your blizzerd is insanly powerful. Some people like to use gull dagger and some shield with mf on switch but i dont bother. If u do it makes u do like 1000 less damage. OUCH. Anyway if u can get this gear you can kill meph like crazy.


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ty for the help so far.

I checked out the item list ver helpful.

By the way what is "upped" and how do u "up" something? :)


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check out the "truth about tals" in the sorc library. Going partial tal set is a little better for absolute MF%, but worse in just about every other way (like damage, resists, etc). I recommend a full tal set up + magefists + spirit shield. (this will get you to the 105% fast cast breakpoint if the spirit shield it perfect, otherwise sub in a FCR ring). You can do a weapon/shield switch for boss killing and not loose out on anything.


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Bushka said:
is the str requirement for spirit 156?

Requirements are high, but are well worth it. You should possibly not go the blocking route with Spirit, so you still have enough points left to dump into vitality. Energy should be at base. Merc with Insight will solve your mana regeration problems until you have gear that helps with mana.

For extra life just add some charms with +life on them. Dumping points into vitality usually is in a bad realtion to what you get for it. So pumping str is not a danger in surviveability here.


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Cheapo stuff

Spirit ETH Crystal sword (looks cool)
Spirit Monarch
Viper Magi
Peasant Crown

That is around + 6 skills there, cheap enough to smash NM meph a few times over easily. If you got shako, it will be +7 skills, with magefist you are talking +8 to a Mfing meteororb (9.8k to 10k meteor damage for 20 fire ball 20 meteor 20 FM) sorc. Coupled with Insight you can tele like ye on crack since the HUGE mana bonuses the 2 spirits give you will make your mana regen shoot the roof.