Easter Sunday - the chocolate flavoured daily thread. ifra

Easter Sunday - the chocolate flavoured daily thread.

Its gone midnight, so its officially sunday where i am. Now im confused because the clocks have gone back an hour (or is that forward? anyway, they've done something) but its still sunday.
So, im off to play some D2. Ive got my digglerdin comfortably to arcane NM, no problems yet. duriel will fall soon, then the hated act 3 jungles with an underpowered melee character. *sigh* at least i can hit lots of them fast, but it'll definitely be a drop from my P4 i've been doing act 2 at.
Strange, i was there in normal less than a week ago, thats pretty fast going for me.


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The clocks go forward. I'm currently playing my Natssassin with my friend, who's playing a cookie cutting javazon. :p

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easter time already here, as for the clock, it'll swap fwd at 2am ---> so one hour less of sleeping or one hour less of d2, it really depends on you


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Lol, I just posted in the Saturday thread about an hour ago, and it's only 7:12pm here in the states :). Well, Happy Easter to all those who are still awake to read this :p.


ps - @FB the diggler!! now that is one sexy weapon. good luck with that hehe.


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Digglerdin? LOL
Reminds me of a project I might get back to one day.
I went dual, cause two is always better than one right?
Even if it makes you a freak of nature. :D

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Lol, Minor_Deity, nice one! :p

So, Natalya sits at lvl 73 waiting to complete her set and TalRasha has completed half of act 1 NM at lvl 50 1/2. It's 4 am here, time to go sleep. Happy Easter everyone... :S


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I learned a little pun for daylight savings: You always spring forward, and fall back.

Good luck with your Digglerdin, FB.

Do you plan on upgrading at all, or keeping it as a Dirk?
Feceset said:
I learned a little pun for daylight savings: You always spring forward, and fall back.

Good luck with your Digglerdin, FB.

Do you plan on upgrading at all, or keeping it as a Dirk?
But we dont fall back, us normal people autumn back, and that doesnt sound right...
And i have 2 upped digglers (rondals) and have the runes ready to up it to elite when i ereach that level. I have a diggler on switch as well, since im sure deity will back me up, the 20 durability is very low, runs out in about 5 minutes, and what makes it worse is i zeal. for the ancients i might even have to find/trade a third diggler that i can use just in case the other 2 run out mid battle.
ps: if im right, i can use the elite diggler at lvl 64, so thats 10 more levels to go, should be in plenty time for nm baal and ancients.


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Well this is something I haven't done for a while.
Some of you might know who I am and I expect lots of you won't, so
to everyone

I was feeling bored on Thursday afternoon, when I had a thought:

"why not load up diablo, and have a quick run or two with an old character"

I then thought "what harm could it do". Big Mistake.

And here I am back addicted to this game. I started a new character, a blizz sorc, partly because I haven't ever actually made one before, but mainly because I can't wait to start farming Meph again, and I've already had 2 meteorb sorcs, one HC one SC. So I'm back playing this game and in a way I thought I'd never find interesting again, SC.

Coming back here was partly prompted when I decided to check one of the "other places", just to see if anything intersting was happening, and I found an intersting PM in my inbox. I had a read through the related threads there and here (the ones that hadn't been deleted anyway, I couldn't seem to find the posts that started it all), about certain long term members, and reached my own conclusion, based on a bit of knowledge, a substantial amount of liberal prejudice, and the standard blood alcohol level for a university student :drink: .

As for me I'm still at uni ("they haven't kicked you out yet then" being my sisters first (joking) words when she saw me:rolleyes: ), and still keeping student tradition alive (British stident traditions anyway).

Hope you had/have a nice long weekend:)

edit: what happened to my avatar? did the server crash or something? oh well time I found a new one anyway

another edit: what's wrong with these damn smilies, they dont seem to like me:confused:
Yay! hi colony, i see youve been infected with Diablo again. Glad to see your doing us brits proud at uni (ill be there in about a year 1/2), what you taking there?
Anyway, blizz sorc pwns, meph had better start running! (or more float, i dont think he has legs does he?)


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Using my sorc I was able to find some nice gear for my necro (finally). He is prancing through hell now with max resists except for poison.

He's a poisoner, skelly hybrid. I'm particularly proud of the +14 all curses. Not that it matters much, but it's still a lot.

I also got some better gear for his might merc - a bonehew and a tooththrow for open wounds. Should be beating Duriel later today. I'm glad this build is finally reaching some true power.

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Easter was kinda a drag for me. I spent half my day at a fancy restraunt, the food/service was terrible and now I have a massive stomach ache from the food. I did get to play some D2 today though, I did some norm countess runs on my trapsin to find runs to make Stealth and I leveled my special concentrate barb to level 28. Both of these characters are doing very well, especially the trapsin with bladefurry, it is soo good!
Happy Easter everyone!