[East-ScL] Looking for private gamers : lv 1 start!!


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[East-ScL] Looking for private gamers : lv 1 start!!


I'm boring at high end duel/lvling and I want to start at beginning again.
I wish we can be 8 players in here, but only 1-2 will be nice too!

What i want to do :

- Each of us will make a new account with no high end chars/items.
- Basically, just start everyone together, at lv 1 and then try to finish the game to hell without rush/trade/help. Just play the 100% pure legit way : kill to find the stuff you use.

I want 8x chars that can play most of the week together (same time).
We will only level/play when everyone will be online.

Anyway, if someone like that stuff.. just leave your actual account(s) here, and we will talk later about that when we'll be 8 players that want to try the D2X full legit gameplay again!




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I'd love to join, but I work 2nd shift during the week, so that kills my ability to game with you guys. Hope you find a good group. Done it before & it is interesting & challenging with no outside help. Best of luck.


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I would love to join as I have thought about starting over from scratch many times. The only problem is I play West so would u mind if u switched realms? thx if not then have fun with the others u find :p


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I guess not, if I can't find anyone else. The only thing is : if you already play on west, we won't probly be online at the same time. Here, it's 00h40pm now and I am moslty on during the week between 9 and 11h00 pm and some time at the same hours during the weekend.

As for changing realm, i guess i don't really care because it's a new lvling experience so, it's fine !


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Now we are 3x in :

- Me : Summoner Nec
- Dee. : Fury Druid
- Unrealism : Light sorc

If thats possible, some aura pally (defensive and offensive) would be nice, as a Healadin. Barb (with crys) will be helpfull as well.

I'm looking now for :

- 1xHeal/bow pally
- 1xmelee or ww barb that can help with shout/bo/bc
- 2xzeal or/and smite pally, 1 with offensive and the other with deffensive auras skills.
- 1xCold sorc

This weekend, i might do a giveaway for my high end stuff (mostly currency and java stuff). That untwinked game will probly start when i'll get off school for the holyday : +- december 20.


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kicker assassin. Definitely have at least one point in death sentry for CE if it isn't covered. I can't decide between Talon or Tail, since Talon is only good with CB equ, while Tail can get by without.

I'd be interested but I want to know more about time estimates. How often, how long, what timeframes?

i'm *supergayparade on east


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As I said before, it start december 20 or so and time frame will be decide when we'll be 8x player and then, we'll talk all together.

If no one make barb/aura pallys, i'll change to psn nec+lower resist !


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I'll swap to Magemancer : with LR, i'll help all casters :cool: .

Signed players :

- Me : Mage necro.
- Dee. : Trapper.
- Unrealism : Lite sorc.
- Kalvydas : Fana Zealer.

Those are 100% sure to be in, I need some news from the other players.

As Dee. just said down... we need one more dude if all those chars already signed that Dee named will play with us. A smiter or zealer pally with defensive auras will be nice. That will help my mages + the zealer + the frenzy.


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So little roundup..

(hahaha spelt "Phoenix" wrong): Magemancer
Deetox: Trapper
Unrealism: Light Sorc
Supergayparade: Kick'sin
DemonGodkid: Cold Sorc
Kalvydas: Fanat Zealot
PeeZed: Frenzy Barb

So we're missing one more person.


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I'm still worried about scheduling. I'll want to have nights free to non-game and starting January 9th I will have night classes and the like. I think I'll have to bail out unfortunately if it means having to play every night :(


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My availablity might be a bit erratic but if you let me know when your starting I'll let you know whether I'm totally in or happy to come along for ride when I'm available.