East NON-Ladder Hardcore looking for Guardian Angel and Lava Gouts


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A little tired of the old date on the most recent thread in this trading forum, so I'll post this. Looking for GA armor and Lava Gout gloves. A Schaefer's hammer or COA would be nice too, but are probably a bit expensive.

For trade I have a nice Andy's, several unID Titans, Bartucs, Occy, Wizzy, Gore Rider, Treks, Silkweaves, Waterwalks, Verdungo belt, Arachnid Mesh belt, Highlords, Sunrise, Ravenfrosts, Mulitiple Ravenclaw bows and twitch armors (one eth twitch), some socketed armors, 4os flail, and sets of crafting runes, pgems, jewels.

That's probably the highlights other than set items, but I'll add to the list if I come across other items on my mules or while MFing.

Edit, also an unid Wolfhowl Fury Visor, reset tokens, unid HOZ, and probably a LO and VEX.
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