East Non-Ladder Armor Mule Clearance


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East Non-Ladder Armor Mule Clearance

I've grown tired of having to log in every X days to cycle through countless accounts to keep mid lvl stuff around collecting dust.

I am therefore cleaning out my armor accounts today and wish to offer any who might need them the following items. These are NON-Ladder USEast LOD items and were all found in 1.09.

Let me know if / what you might like to have. (Either in this thread or msn me.) I should be on for a better part of the afternoon.

Up for grabs:

Mage Plate X4
Chaos Armor X2
Templar Coat X2
Ghost Armor X3
Ornate Plate X3
Embossed Plate X2
Ancient Armor X2
Cuirass X1

Chaos Armor X1
Balrog Skin X2
Ornate Plate X1
Studded Leather (Cow King's Hide) X1

I'll be dumping anything that's left in public games tomorrow around noon I guess.


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I'd love a guardian angel or duriels if there are either left. Thanks for the offer. I'll be on USEast: *x2agent

If there are none left, anything would be just fine and dandy, as the necro I'm working on has crap armr, as does his merc.


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I would much appreciate one of them Unq. Ornate Plates, My account is ds_phsycotimmay, I should be on here in a couple of hours, or tonite.

Thx in advance