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<< East-Ladder >> Items For trade

2x ist
eldritch orb 19/23
necro torch
barb torch
perfect vamp magi armor
couple of ravens frost
gore rider
ormus armor
tal rasha set
6 o/s Phase Blade with 15%ed
1x dKEY 2x Hate Key
Herald of Zakarum shield
thunderstroke Javelins 190+%ed
Titans revenge 192%ed
Unidentified Shako
seraph hymn ammy
atmas ammy
areat face
spirit sword
war traveler 38%
Chance guard 40%
Tal rasha set
arachnid belt
occy etheral
treks boots
etheral stealskull good helm for merc (dual leech and fhr and resist)
lidless shield
aldurs armor
ik belt and glove
sigon set
20%ias +2 zon skills mana leech and more glove !
By the way im looking for CTA if you have

Feel free to message me on EAST im on the account GHOSTRIDAH and im online at this moment !
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