East Ladder: Coming back !


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East Ladder: Coming back !

Hi all !

I kinda quit D2x a couple of months ago for WoW, but because of my summer job I don't have enough time for WoW anymore, so I'm going back to D2 wich is ~free~ and requires much less time (well... :eek: )

I'm looking for people in my situation. Players that know the game well but that came back recently so we can start from scratch like in the old days :cool:

You can reply here or contact me in-game, *hawtpimp
Later !


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What time do you normally play? I'm usually on mornings 8am EST to 10am.
I play SC ladder. Whisper me at *jcreader13 -- I'd like to start a new char to level up and build better than what I have.


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Same here! almost same situation but I still have some items from last time i played. I will never know when i will be on beacuse I am a popular guy and always have dates and stuff like that.... :cool: .....

/w * hexex0903 USEast ladder sc