East HC Ladder seeking MF partner


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East HC Ladder seeking MF partner

Old Fart - 33 years old looking for a mature MF partner. PA and WP help as well.

Will be running Ancient Tunnels, Crypt, and Masoleum. Would be ideal if another person wanted to run different area. BUt I will split drops no big deal. The MFing seems to go faster with another person in the game. On most days from 3PM EST to 11PM EST.



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Hey there from another geezer

Hey, I'm actually older than you are if you can believe that (42). I play nightly after the kids go to bed, usually solo around 8:30 pm CST to 10-11 CST. How far have you gotten so far? ATM I have an ** zon, and several char starting hell (2 necros, another zon and a sorc). I'm happy to share drops and do good trades.Would like to play with someone more mature that these public games offer.


I have a level 85 Skellimancer who'd be happy to accompany you if you need. He's in retirement right now, though, as I am borrowing some of his gear to fund a Conviction Paladin, but, if you can't find anyone else, I'll offer my services.

My account is *Iron-Deity, by the way.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I usually MF all the time with the exception being when leveling a new character.
In softcore there was a small group of us (3-4) who MF'd as a group. The typical run was:

Hell Andy - Sorc would tele then drop a TP: The group would kill Andy (Nec would raise skellies) then we would split up:

My zon would run the pit
The sorc would run ancient tunnels
The Hammerdin would do Eld/Shenk/Pindle/Thresh

When someone was done with their run - they would hit meph and/or WSK2 to end the game with a Baal run.

It worked was the Baal and Andy drops were split by game. Game # 1 PlayerX would get 1st pick of Andy drops - Player Y would get 1st pick of Baal drops ect. It took the guess work out of who got what drops.

It was nice to share the excitement of drops with the other people running. More people = less chance of no drops and greater experience.

Looting in HC makes this framework attractive to me.

My MFers:

LvL 80 Full Orb Sorc - Can run Andy-Meph-Ancient Tunnels
LvL 71 Bowazon will be ready for Pit Runs in a few days

You both have PM's


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Hey Pintail,
Been outta touch for a couple of days travelling. Anyway, I now have my skellie necro up to 85 and able to do solo Meph (although a little slowly). He has a ton of MF gear. I play evenings usually under account Dubiousmeans2. Let me know if you're on and we can do some runs. I'm happy to alternate drops on runs. Also have these chars to help if the need arises:
** javazon
76 Bliz/meteor sorc with MF gear (I use in NM Baal runs now) advanced to act 2
76 Bone necro advanced to act 2 also
Whisper me if you're on.