East Clan Recuiting


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East Clan Recuiting

Midnight Warriors
Welcome to Midnight Warriors. We are a legit clan. We do not support hacking or scamming people in any way. We play the game the way it was made to be played. We play on US East Realm. We are now recuiting for Diablo 2 LOD. We play hardcore, softcore, ladder hc, and ladder sc.

We are now recuting for Diablo 2 at the moment but we plan to expand. After our clan grows more we to expand into other games like Guild Wars, Starcraft, Warcraft, and others are being considered.

All we ask is that you play legit. No hacks of any sort. We also look for honest, mature, and that you show respect to other clan members. We really don't care if you a vetran or new to the game. If your new we would gladly help you out.

Our website is temporarily down right now, it is being rebuilt but our forums are up and working.
http://s7.invisionfree.com/MidnightWarriors/index.php?act=idx a link to the forums.

Well if we are what you are looking for then make an account on our forums. Make a joining post and look for us on bnet or AIM. Game with us so we can get to know you better and you can get to know us. Post on the forum. Most of us have AIM so talk to us there. We hope to see you online.


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PetoriaX said:
Due to problems people were having with are last forum we had to change it. The new one can be found here http://www.forums.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=midnightwarrior And we have just gotten about 5 new recuits in the last 2 days. So we are growing. We are a great group of people to game with.
Midnight Warriors are not recruiting at the moment. We will recruit once a month. People are still encouraged to come by and post on the forums. :thumbsup: