Earth sciences - Geological disposition of Earth


Earth sciences - Geological disposition of Earth

I am looking for the geological disposition of the entire Earth....

a map or globe of the world that states what is on the surface of that area... along with even different elevations below ground.

sand, minerals, rocks, water, everything... oil.... and types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous, metamorphine, limestone, brimstone, stones of all sorts.... iron, steel, gold, onyx, valorite, etc.
In detail or in basics, whatever ya got ;)

Even a 3d view of the land...... whatever is underground, farther underground the better wherever they've dug tunnels underground.
Color codded preferably, and pictorial view (2d view is no good, 3d is much better) is best.

Thanks a bunch.

Answer in URLs if possible.


PS. Even organic/life matter in that area would be an added bonus (plants and animals)


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if that was all in one ssite, it's probably take up TB afetr TB of space

your best bet is too piece the info you need through various sites carrying different portions of the information

we could help you if you give us the required loactions..


yeah, prob all over the place.

I am curious... but also interested in earth's crust and surface. Consider me Locke, a treasure hunter but a man of honor - obedient child.
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As for location,

British Columbia, Canada for starters.
Than the rest of Canada, than the rest of North America... especially rare minerals, stones, and such like gold, silver, gems of d2... bones even are strong as hell I hear (Ultima Online anyone here rofl), sand, limestone, brimstone, aqua regia, camomile?
even plants and herbs I'm interested in... like ginko biloba plant, etc.... rarities, uranium and such..... rare things... from outerspace, etc.


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If you can find a source that depicts the locations of unclaimed uranium and precious gem deposits, you will be richer than God. So good luck with that Iguess.

Rare animals and plants are protected on public property, at least in the US, probably Canada too. You need a special permit to collect them and these are not issued lightly, especially not for commercial purposes. Ginko biloba poaching on public land in the US is a big no no. But people still do it.

If you're just interested in the basic geological characteristics of various parts of North America, check out

You mentioned things from outerspace. The best place to find meteorites is Antarctica on the ice cap. Any rock you see on the surface is likely to be a meteorite. And those are very valuable to collectors and scientists. Problem is, it's Antarctica. Deserts are your next best bet, but from what I hear, meteorites extremely hard to find anywhere but on permanent ice sheets.

I recomend you take a trip to the American desert southwest - Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, southeastern California. The geology there is really interesting and if you have a good eye you can probably find some neat minerals and other artifacts. I like to look for arrowheads personally.
What you are asking is near impossible.

Uranium isn't even mined in a usable form, it is strained in the biggest buildings ever made by man(1million+ square feet) and it takes a while.

Gold and silver are pretty much taken, oil is still out there but hard to get to compared to the others.

Oh and using Locke as an example of honesty and good will, ahahahhahaha.


rofl, nice and interesting feedback.
us government website, great place to start.... also 'satellite imaging' in google I've heard is good too.

Thanks buds.