Early Friday

Fists of Legend

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Early Friday

It is a little early here but, I do believe that it is Friday somewhere in the world.

RL: Have to work from 8-6. I don't mind because it will be busy with hunting starting on Saturday here. When I get done, hopefully at 6, my dad and I only have to pack the pickup and we are headed off to deer camp.:jig: Get 4 days off to start off the hunting season.

D2: Work and deer hunting make it impossible to be able to play. Unless of course I'm able to find a way to get my desktop out into the deer stand and am able to play and still watch for deer.


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It's friday arvo here. :grin:

RL: Taking a break from RL. :wink3: Learning guitar still, chilling, and waiting till I have to start studying for my 2 exams. It's cloudy, and I don't want to go out and get caught in rain.

D2: Not too much either. Doing a few runs of hell meph, but not many to get anything great. I did find my first IK stone crusher though. :grin:

I'm really just relaxing at the moment. Have a good friday all!


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Real Life: It's just past midnight, here, and I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night (had to get up at 6:30 AM, which is usually about the time I go to bed!), so I'm posting early, like Fists of Legend did, and then I'm off to bed.

Got Fiber Optics broadband installed today. Not used to the speed, but I miss the email and website (and customer service) perks offered by my dial-up ISP. Had no choice, though, after the phone company made it impossible for a dial-up connection to go over my telephone lines (I think it was a tactic to get people to switch to the new fiber optic lines they are installing in my neighborhood). They offer lousy email and webspace and it costs me almost 3 times as much...

Diablo II LOD: Played my Necromancer, Jacoby, for a while today. He's now 12th level and the only Unique he's found so far is the Gnasher axe, which he sold. My intention is to put points into Iron Golem/Poison Nova/Bone Spear/Bone Wall (to synergize Bone Armor)with Decrepify, but right now he's relying on Gumby, Amplify Damage and Corpse Explosion.


EDIT: @ Drystan: That's what I should do! Play my Gibson and take a break from real life. Thanks for reminding me. :)


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Aumar's right: a Gibson is a guitar. :D I have a vintage 1968 acoustic Gibson Dove which fits my hands perfectly and is the sweetest sounding guitar I've ever played. Gibson has made some of the best guitars (and a few other instruments) ever. But each is different and it's important to find the one just for you. I found mine in a pawn shop in Seattle a few years ago, and I pity whoever sold/lost it. Drystan, you reminded me that I haven't taken the time to play for too long a while. I really am going to bed, now. ;)



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RL: Having my 4th exam today. English. After that I should read some psychology, because I know I won't read much on the weekend.
It's getting cold outside. -10 celcius. Time to get wooly socks! :jig:

D2: Leveling my ES-P/MDR Sorc. Also trying to find a staff for Memory. I found one with +3 ES, +2 Thunder Storm, but it was a Jo Staff. Bye bye pretty Memory, back to Flayer Jungle...


At last the forum is back again. I wonder what hapen yesterday until I myself keep on getting Database error message when trying to click the link. Anyway, glad to meet everyone here!

RL: Fever.... 38 celcius...
D2: No more playing, i need some rest...

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GM everyone.

RL: Off to work in a sec...

D2: Not played since the P3 ended on Tuesday, but have been looking at diff classes. I got a lot of Assassin rares from Pindle and am considering making my first 'sin.

@ Suiling: I had the same problem and contacted Elly yesterday to find out what the issue was.
Elly said:
Hiya DM,

Yeah the new server went online last night and there's been a couple hiccups getting the DII forums shifted onto them. Mainly because it is such a fat bloated beast and secondly some Apache thing wouldn't work properly on the new server. Thta's fixed now and Rush is currently copying the forums over. Just checked with him and he reckons he's 3/4s through copying them over. As I say, they're rather large so it'll take another couple hours.

Sorry 'bout that.



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RL: got an hour and a half before i gota be at collage and im working my *** of to get my assinment done for first lesson

on a sort of related note anyone got any advise for staying intrested in a lesson you hate the subject and find the teacher REALY borring, cos i dont think catching 3 hours sleep in his lessons is gona help me pass

D2: gona work on my pvp chars later on today


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At last the forum is back again. I wonder what hapen yesterday until I myself keep on getting Database error message when trying to click the link. Anyway, glad to meet everyone here!

RL: Fever.... 38 celcius...
D2: No more playing, i need some rest...
Feel better Suiling - it's the start of flu-season here in the US, and already a few people at work have been hit. I've been lucky so far, but I know my time is coming - my job just seems like a big, symbolic, viral infection at the moment... I'll spare everyone the details of how much Thursday made me love my f****** BS job.

As for forum access, I guess I didn't miss much then - I have had about 4 minutes of inet access from home in the past ~2 days. This evening I walked down to the basement and unplugged the router for a few seconds - that helped a little (but not enough), so I walked down a second time, unplugged it again, then give it a *cough* mild bump against the concrete floor *cough*, plugged it back in, and surprise!! It seems to be working fine.

I figure if our ISP is going to force us to use their crappy hardware, so I intend to ensure it gets a full range of use. :evil:

Finally, it appears my broken foot is a type 2 fracture, which means 6-8 total weeks to heal. I was hoping for a type 1, as that's typically 3-4 weeks. I'm at the 3.5 week mark right now, and it's not getting better very quickly - the bone's still quite swolen and sore. :embarassed:

D2: Haven't felt much like playing actually.



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Jaedhann said:
Shame on you.
I don't know any guitar brands. I practice, but haven't yet learnt brands or all of the chords yet. :)

@Suiling: Chicken soup is supposed to be great for colds, although I don't know from experience. (vegetarianism kinda prevents chicken soup)
A nice cup of chamomille tea is also great. I try to have a lemon or orange if I feel a cold coming on as well for the vitamin C.

@Suiling and Sirpoops: Hope you both feel better soon.


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RL: New edition of the newspaper has been printed & my latest set of design work is complete. 2 week holiday for me- Hurray!

D2: Lots of mf today. Leveling/Mfing on Pindle with my new pure Blizzard Sorceress. Mang Songs Lessons have been spawning rapidly- found one today myself. Though, the mods are quite low...

Also managed to find Astreon's Iron Ward. Unfortunately, it has fairly average %ed too. Why does Pindle tease me? haha

Hopefully, if I manage to finish my NTPP in the next day or two, i'll be able to put a bit in for Sirpoopsalot's marvelous Sur rune. After realizing that it takes 48 Vex runes to make an Enigma, I decided that trading is the only way.

I move one step closer each day...


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RL: Have tomorrow off work, a little unexpected but quite a nice thought. Plans - not much.

D2: Don't really feel like playing any of my untwinked characters, wondering about starting a character for MF purposes. Kinda torn between a blizz sorc, some kind of barbarian with Find Item, or a necromancer. I'm not keen on building a fishymancer though as I've already built one of those (and converting him from Classic is not an option). Will keep thinking for a bit...

edit: Or hammerdin I guess. Have not yet experienced the cheesy goodness it's meant to be.


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Hey all!

RL: Work has been interesting... still looking for an apartment... and now I've been reminded that I haven't picked up my guitar in a while either (junky Gibson Epoch electric from a department store). I spent all that money, I really ought to learn to play :badteeth:.

D2: Missed the forums, but eh, what can you do? Hopefully they'll be faster for us dial-up folks. JerryLeeLewis has made it to the Pindle... I mean Nihlathak quest, so he's parked at the moment while I run Hell pindle with MadMardigan my fanatic zealot a bit. So close to lvl 92. Got two grailies yesterday, a Silkweave Mesh boots and a Gargoyle's Bite Winged Harpoon. Was just looking up probability in ATMA, and both of those are far rarer from pindle than the items I actually want (Trang's belt, IKSC, Nat's claw, etc). Fickle hand of fate.

Ah well, off to dinner, then some more pindle!