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E - v - W

Alright folks, since that thread primed the engine, we'd best start the car.

Ground Rules :

General :

Slow : If you find it you can use it. It's no longer bugged so it's pretty fair.

Untwinked. Level 40 ( Easy to obtain via baal runs, even with just the two other people on your team)

Trading : within your group or the groups of others in the fun....No outside trading for stuff that they themselves may not have found

Pa'ing : Yes, you can PA thru normal, past that you actually have to do. I'm saying this just to speed up gameplay.

No Charges.

Dueling : 3 v 3. 2 moderators that check gear and what not, as well as take ss's. It will take place in NIGHTMARE to make sure that casters atleast have a chance.

Characters :

Charge-a-dins are off limits : Far too bloody powerful. It'd be 3 pala's with dmg aura's and charge... You may use conc or fanatasism with it, how ever. Yes, you can also use vigor as a synergy, but might works far too well. Base in might folks.

Hammer a dins - You can have Hammers, you cannot have conc. Since as I recall, that's the only aura that works with the hammers.

Anything else is really up for grabs. I just have a problem with those two specifically. Since we'll be dueling untwinked in Nightmare, I'm thinking that a fire sorc is fair game, mainly because everyone has ways to avoid it, as well as the fact that she is relatlively vulnerable. Everyone goes after her 1st anyway, so I don't believe it'll be a problem.

A word on gear :

You can trade with others who are also in the competition. You can find/socket/upgrade what ever it is you find, if you can. You found an eth steel driver and no one in your group can really have much use? Trade it.

For those of you who want to participate but don't know how to find any gear that would be deemed worthy of dueling :

Run Andariel in NM, Baal in normal, Cows. Those will give you everything you need. If you can't find sigons...well prehaps you shouldn't be dueling ^^.

Charms : again, anything ya find you can use.

Looting : The winning team gets the gear.

Give me some more input and I'll see about solidifying it. I figure it should be open to the public, as long as they've got over 100 or so posts, or one of us can vouch for them. There is how ever, only one entry per person, therefore : if you lose a member of your team they must be replaced by some one else from your side. Your team mate can rebuild, but it can't be used right away.

Massive Edit :

Ran the Damage on bone spirit necro's...That's unpleasent. Suggestions? Being slowed by a decrep, +holy freeze combo would make it impossible to kill him...and giving him BO with a re-castable life shield is down right dumb.

Me thinks that he'd be more even, sans bone armour.


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I dont mind having mod duties as I was pretty neutral in the east v west thread. I would say that the honor sytem will have to mean a lot as it could be pretty easy to twink. The old ISFC rule iirc didnt allow charms so you could require an inventory of poles to ensure no twinking. That is obviously out, here. I might also suggest a neutral site, like asia or europe, again for pretty much the same reasons.

Also, when is this little party expected to play?


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Haven't got a clue.

as for charms : Show em to the mods. then fill your inv with random crap.

I'd say Asia or Europe (hehe, get the eurofolks in too) but they are indeed massively laggy for most of us


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NightShade said:
I'd say Asia or Europe (hehe, get the eurofolks in too) but they are indeed massively laggy for most of us
Kinda levels the playing field, doesn't it?


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with almost zero pvp experience (but lots of d2 exp) i'd be glad to be a mod...

if pa-ing is acceptable, what gets a little tricky is mfing... knocking off baal a bunch of times for items adds exp very quickly (meaning fewer runs)... maybe things could be set up so that there is a common pa, with drops from the pa not usable? i mean, otherwise my "pa" sorc is really my "mf" sorc, etc


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Poo I was hoping I could use my 53's set up ><. Hmm I'll think about this though.

Is Seph in? Also would like to get a friend in this if I take part.


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There might be restrictions on what teams there are. Maybe we can even make this an on going thing.

Eg : If something bad comes up in the team balances ( Character wise).

I can think of one thing that'll be a problem already, it involves the rather annoying necro and his ranged support.

Cooner : Sure you have experience...You got eaten by my merc ^^


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If this takes place in decent hours for me i would love moderate it, i am from europe.....

Or if you can find me 2 duellers from europe here, then i would to beat both the lag and the americans realms :p


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? Is this really non-tweaked. The only way I would want to participate or put a team together is if it was. Sure its the honour system and i can live with that. If it is I might be able to get together a group for west.


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Well when you do, state your teams here and we'll see what kind of hours we can get.

I have basically nothing, so unfortunately I can no longer PA...but I have a feeling that who ever ended up with my accounts owes me a favour ^^.