Durf is a horrible singer! I have proof!


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Durf is a horrible singer! I have proof!

Using a state of the art technology equipment I have gathered critical information to prove that Durf is a horrible singer. Using something scientist call an "internet". Here is the information that I have gathered over the pass week.

Exhibit A: Durf attended U.C Berkley during his days as a young-horny-hormone driven-alcoholic college student. It is there I also believe he took on the habit of endullging himself with beer. Hence many of his posts have the words "beer" or "drunk" in them. Proof that Durb attended Berkley (Bottom left column)

Exhibit B: William Hung, also known as the Chinese guy who appeared on American Idol and made a fool out of himself, also attends- YOU GUESSED IT! U.C Berkley. During his audition, Willaim Hung performed "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin, it is here I mention that he totally butchered Ricky's song. Not that Ricky Martin has many songs to begin with. Link to one of many Willam Hung's fan sites with video of him making a fool of himself

So there you have it, Durf attend Berkley and so did William Hung. Now using a conjecture by Hellfire. If William attended Berkley and is a horrible singer, and Durf attended Berkley, then it can be said that Durf is a horrible singer. This completes the proof.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I blame Durf for: Bush being president, Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, American kids getting fatter, Patriots winning the superbowl, WW1, WW2, WWE, *** marriages, WMD, Friend's final season, Sex and the City's final season, men losing in The Apprectice, chernobyl accident, Hindenberg crash, Titanic sinking, and finally Durf for being a horrible singer.


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I would respond to these cowardly allegations, but I'm too drunk. Also I have some recording to do.

EDIT: I will say three things:
1. It's spelled "Berkeley."
2. Who is "Durb"?
3. I picked up my beer-drinking ways while still in high school. Praise alcohol vending machines!

Raft Boy

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Starfishied said:
It's it time for us to officially blame someone else already?
I made a poll before the database went wonky about whether or not Durf should 'retire' and have someone else shoulder the blame. If I remember correctly, the overwhelming response was no, since it will always be Durf's fault.



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Yeah, but at least you smell like manure.

EDIT: Lunar snuck his post in there while I wasn't looking, so I'll just let it apply to him, but with more potato dirt from eastern WA stuck on his shoes for added pungency.