Durance 3 (NM) Runs


Durance 3 (NM) Runs

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is no big project. As the title says, the runs were done in Nightmare difficulty with Players 1, since I believe the time is not worth the slight decrease in no-drop chances. Each run took quite a lot of time, mainly because of my unsuitable character and obsession of picking up almost everything, hence the small sample.

The running character is an untwinked lvl 70 Fanazealot Paladin. The whole level was cleared instead of just killing Mephisto, because the other bad guys are either super uniques (Council members), or random unique/champion Blood lords, with a few normal Blood Lords that are on my way anyways. i'd done quite some runs in the area, before these recorded ones, and got some pretty decent items (at least useful). A perfect Shaftstop is one of them, and the main reason why i clear the area (Wyand had dropped it). As you'll see, full clear proved to be a very good decision.

the Paladin carried only 95% MF for the whole area except Meph, where he had 118% (switched the ll ring). if the source of the item is not indicated, it's from Meph. not listed are lots of gems and low runes (below Thul). and now the interesting part:

1. Skystrike (182%)
2. Bonesnap (259%), Lem rune (Blood Lord minion)
3. Cleglaw's Tooth (BL unique)
4. Hotspur, The Mahim-Oak Curio
5. ---
6. Iratha's Cuff, Puss Spitter (chest)
7. ---
8. Stormstrike (**%), 3os/3WoI-1BoA-1LS Great Claws (BL)
9. Sander's Superstition, Hellclap
10. ---
11. Vidala's Snare (Wyond)
12. Hwanin's Justice
13. Rakescar (**%), Milabrega's Orb
14. ---
15. eth Soulflay (100%), Sigon's Wrap
16-22. ---
23. Ironstone (118%-113), Milabrega's Orb
24. +1 Sorc skills/+7 repl. life/23% Fire res rare amulet
25. Berserker's Headgear
26. Duskkeep, Sander's Taboo
27. Bladebuckle, Berserker's Headgear, Sigon's Sabot (chest)
28. Wall of the Eyeless, Stormstrike (78%)
29. Milabrega's Orb, Sigon's Shelter, Soul Harvest (BL minion)
30. Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
31. Skystrike (100%)
32. Culwen's Point
33. Rockfleece (121%)
34. Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth, Isenhart's Case
35. Berserker's Headgear, Spectral Shard (Maular unique in Dur.2), Crushflange (chest), Sol rune (chest)
36. Deathbit (151%), Tancred's Spine
37-38. ---
39. The Minotaur (189%), Steelgoad (70%), Hsarus' Iron Heel (Maffer)
40. Civerb's Ward, Cathan's Seal
41. Berserker's Hauberk, Tancred's Hobnails (rack)
42. Gleamscythe
43. Arctic Mitts, Isenhart's Case (Maffer)
44. Gorefoot, Milabrega's Diadem
45. ---
46. Hone Sundan (172%-Bremm)
47-50. ---

Runs #2 and #46 were most satisfactory.
I'm sick of Milabrega's Orb and Berserker's Headgear.
Despite the very low MF, results aren't so bad in terms of getting a unique/set.
Items are shy, nice stuff doesn't drop when you're looking :p
Will do at least 50 more runs, but i don't think i can leave my perfect map and advance to Hell. it's the best possible Meph map, the WP and Dur 3 stairs literally being side by side.

Thanks for reading all that!


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You should do this in Hell too later on. Just re-spawn maps and you will find another one of these perfects maps in X attempts.

Nice going there. Lem rune :thumbsup:


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Oh.... reminds me when i was started to play D2 in SP 2-3 months ago. My mf gear were only two babas and a stealskull from the giveaway thread. i kept doin the NM meph runs over and over again hoping that i could get some nice items that i could trade/use. and after a while meph felt pity on me, then when i took my barb to meet him, he said' bartos(my barb's name), u keep coming to me from time to time, u really make me bored! here take this HoZ and never come back!' then bartos was surprised, took the HoZ, then exit the game. after a while, i try my luck on NM meph again, visited him again using my barb bartos, when i took my barb to meet him, he said to bartos:'Oh boy, havent u got enough from me? leave me alone im goin on vacation to meet my other two brothers, okay here.. here.,. take it. I insist!' then my barb took it, it was a HoZ(the second one). and since then my barb rarely visit him again... :)
seriously, if u check using ATMA the probability of getting a HoZ from NM meph is little bit bigger than from hell meph. i suggest u also use some rare gloves, rare boots, rare amulet, rare rings that have MF mods on it.
if u already got some nice godly items like WF, stormlash, etc and doin this only for fun, then maybe my suggestion worth nothin to you. but if your facing the same problem that i had couple months ago, then pls by all means, carry on!


right after those runs, that is, a long time ago, i was killing NM Pindle for fun (and XP). first he dropped an eth Blackhorns, and a few kills later Guillaume's and Heartcarver together. then i decided to run him, equipped my merc with the Hone/Shaft/Blackhorns, but soon realized that the drops weren't even comparable to Meph with my current MF (a good place to find socketed stuff though) and stopped at 50 to return to my old friend. the drops off the red portal (full clear - Edit: at p5):

2. Isenhart's Parry
24. Cathan's Visage, +2 Barb masteries/4% ll/25% MF/16 Mana rare ammy
29. Berserker's Hauberk
30. Tancred's Crowbill
45. String of Ears (13% PDR/7% ll/159% ED/15MDR)

nice surprise towards the end , but i put on the SoE and headed to Meph for another 50 runs. this time, my merc accompanied me. with his new gear, he only died once or twice, and the Hone greatly reduced the time for killing Meph. 118% MF all the way, at p1; non-Meph sources are indicated. well, he greeted me saying "you're too late" and dropped me these:

1. Cathan's Mesh (Bremm), Tearhaunch (80%)
2. Cliffkiller (206%)
3. ---
4. Arctic Mitts, Sigon's Wrap
5. Sigon's Cage
6. Isenhart's Horns
7. Tearhaunch (72%)
8. Bonesnap (231%), Angelic Sickle
9. Riphook
10. ---
11. Lidless Wall (81%), Bloodrise
12. ---
13. The Ward (43% res all), +1 assasin skills/15% MF/27 life/19% poison res ammy
14. ---
15. Cleglaw's Tooth
16. Skull Splitter (64% ed, 67 AR)
17. ---
18. Deathbit (131% ed, 302 AR, 8 ll, 6 ml), Skull Splitter (73%), Griswold's Edge (113% ed, 12/22 fire dmg)
19. ---
20. Sander's Superstition (Bremm's minion)
21-24. ---
25. Arcanna's Head
26. Sigon's Guard
27. Steelclash (63%)
28. Spire of Lazarus
29. Civerb's Ward
30. Sander's Riprap
31. ---
32. Cathan's Rule
33. Cathan's Mesh
34. 10/15 Cinnabar Jewel of Fervor (any good?)
35. Hellplague (78%)
36. Frostburns (10%)
37. Tancred's Crowbill (80%)
38. Isenhart's Horns (Bremm), Sigon's Wrap (Bremm's min), Raven Frost (16/214-Wyond), Cathan's Visage, Steelgoad (62%)
39. Death's Touch (25%-Bremm's min)
40. ---
41. +2 fire skills/+2 Hydra/+2 ESh/+1ShivArm/40 life glowing orb (Blood Lord)
42. ---
43. Humongous (100%, 21 str)
44. Coif of Glory, Shadowfang, Sol rune (Maffer)
45. M'avina's Tenet (Bremm's min)
46. ---
47. Sigon's Guard, Isenhart's Case (Maffer)
48. Berserker's Hauberk
49-50. ---

Run #38 is really interesting, as the whole mob decided to be generous simultaneously :)
A few usable rares are always nice
Low level sets are raining from the sky. With 6 pieces in the set, i've had enough of Sigon.
Run #47: it'd be quite a surprise if the set were to finish without it, wouldn't it?
I've been lazy to complete those runs, and more lazy to post the results. I don't know when i'll do the next set, but the results will be here.


After some time without D2, I took my paladin and, being bored already, decided to move on to Hell after this final 50 runs to the Prime n00b :p. Tried p3 first (the first 6 runs), then noticed it wasn't worth the time and switched back to p1. the pally had 119% MF, Durance 3 was completely cleared, and non-Meph sources indicated. Here come the drops of the last set of NM Dur3 runs of my paladin:

1. ---
2. Isenhart's Horns, Iratha's Cord
3. Sigon's Wrap (Maffer)
4. ---
5. Skystrike
6. Umbral Disk (Maffer)
7. Sigon's Gage
8. Berserker's Hatchet
9. ---
10. +2 Sorc skills/+2 LMast/+1 ShivArm/30 nrg/31 life magic glowing orb (BL boss)
11. where Meph died, there were: 2 piles of gold (1000ish each), (+1 max) Short Spear
12. Sander's Superstition, +3 Meteor/+1 Bliz/+1Blaze/16 life/2os sup. clasped orb
13. Infernal Sign (Wyond), Hexfire (153%)
14. ---
15. Cathan's Mesh (Bremm's min), Milabrega's Robe (Champ BL), IK Forge, Hawkmail
16. Sander's Riprap (Bremm's min), The Jade Tan Do (chest-141 AR)
17. Ripsaw (83%)
18. Cathan's Seal, Cleglaw's Tooth
19. Sigon's Sabot (Bremm), Sander's Riprap
20. Infernal Torch
21. Soul Harvest (69%)
22. Demon Machine, Guardian Naga (172%), Iratha's Coil
23. Vidala's Fetchlock, Sigon's Gage
24. Tancred's Weird, Soulflay (94% ed, 8% ml)
25. Hsarus' Iron Stay
26-27. ---
28. Skin of the Flayed One (185% def, 7% ll, +25 regenerate)
29. Isenhart's Case
30. Hwanin's Refuge
31. Culwen's Point (77% ed)
32. Wizendraw (76% ed, 67 AR, -23 cold res), Sigon's Shelter
33. Undead Crown
34. Isenhart's Case (Dark Lord boss in Dur. 2)
35. Sigon's Shelter
36. Spectral Shard (Bremm), Blood Crescent (72% ed), Duskdeep, Infernostride (149% def, 64% GF), The Spirit Shroud (10 MDR), +2 zon skills/30 IAS/86% ed/8-20 fire dmg/replenish short spear
37. The Gavel of Pain (136% ed), Iratha's Cuff
38. Sigon's Visor, Nokazon Relic (random BL)
39. Raven Claw (67% ed)
40. ---
41. Sigon's Gage
42. Magnus' Skin (Bremm), Tancred's Skull (BL boss)
43. ---
44. Milabrega's Orb
45. Stormstrike (90% ed)
46. Soul Harvest (77% ed), Sigon's Visor
47. M'avina's Tenet, Deathbit (167% ed, 231 AR, 8% ll, 5% ml)
48. Civerb's Icon, Iratha's Cuff, Tarnhelm (48% MF)
49. Iceblink (BL boss-71% ed)
50. ---

-I would finish this set and move on to Hell, and as you see, there was no reason to even hesitate. Run #11 really happened, Meph dropped the 3 things, and nothing else (and in open area!) Trying p3 might've spoiled the game.
-The rare good runs are #14 (IK Forge), #22 (2 exceptional uniques), #37 (I like Martel de Fer's, dunno why), and #42 (Magnus is "ma man")
-I hate the vampire type creatures so bad that if I see a FW in Dur. 2, i go and kill the pack. in Run #34, I paid for my hatred :rolleyes:
-Sigon, please leave me alone! In 50 runs, I found 9 pieces from the set!
-No typos in Run #36. Meph actually dropped 4 uniques and a good rare at once (exceptionals were first timers). He was never this generous before.

As my paladin's over with NM Durance 3, I'd like to explain (better late than never) the purpose of these reports. These 150 are not even comparable to most other run reports out there (like logger's 1k WSK runs) in terms of difficulty, total +MF and quantity. Well, it's not intended to be! This is not a guide for future dedicated MFers, nor an Item Find thread. The goal is to give a rough estimate of what an untwinked character can expect to get by running NM Meph for a while. ATMA's wonderful drop calculator does tell what he can drop, but when an inexperienced, untwinked player asks "how can I improve my character's equipment enough for Hell", this might be a simpler answer.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this'll help a few people at least.


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Hey, good read, it makes me feel good to see what other people get. When my necro was going through act I NM he found 5 uniques and 2 set pieces.


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meph has been very popular recently. good work and i expect to see the last 850 in the near future.


logger120 said:
meph has been very popular recently. good work and i expect to see the last 850 in the near future.
sorry, he's off the Hell already. he was not a run char anyways, just gathering equipment for himself. maybe he'll do some Countess or pits runs, however, who knows?