Durance 3 armor/weapon stand


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Durance 3 armor/weapon stand

Just out of curiosity, is there some special rule as to what drops from the armour and weapon stands to the left and right of meph?

My reason for asking is that I killed Meph in nightmare maybe 12 times last night and three of those runs, some quality of Gilded Sheild dropped from the armour stand on the left. (Two white and one socketed :rant: ) This seems really strange to me as gilded sheilds drop so rarely when that TC is picked. I hardly see these things dropping, let alone from the exact same prop three times.


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Just weird luck, I'm afraid. I forget exactly what TC those can drop from... I *think* it was TC78.


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From personal experience in 1.10, I've gotten a Messerschmidt's Reaver in TC84 from the weapon rack in Durance 3.

This means Tal Rasha's Armor, Trang Oul's Girth, Trang Oul's Guise and other TC84 goodies can drop from the armor rack.


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I had a regular lacquered plate drop from one just recently so they're worth checking out!


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Also, the TC is based on the map level in rack/chest drops. This is same as monster level in Hell, because of the special rules used in that difficulty, but not in Nightmare or Normal.


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Afaik only Ilvl from chests is based upon Arealvl, but TC is not (dont know if the same applies to racks). Here's a list from Thrugg :

Act 1 (H) Chest A Act 1 (H) Equip A 63
Act 1 (H) Chest B Act 1 (H) Equip B 66
Act 1 (H) Chest C Act 1 (H) Equip B 66
Act 2 (H) Chest A Act 2 (H) Equip A 69
Act 2 (H) Chest B Act 2 (H) Equip B 69
Act 2 (H) Chest C Act 2 (H) Equip B 69
Act 3 (H) Chest A Act 3 (H) Equip A 72
Act 3 (H) Chest B Act 3 (H) Equip B 75
Act 3 (H) Chest C Act 3 (H) Equip B 75
Act 4 (H) Chest A Act 4 (H) Equip A 78
Act 4 (H) Chest B Act 4 (H) Equip B 78
Act 4 (H) Chest C Act 4 (H) Equip B 78
Act 5 (H) Chest A Act 5 (H) Equip A 84
Act 5 (H) Chest B Act 5 (H) Equip B 87
Act 5 (H) Chest C Act 5 (H) Equip B 87