Duped Runes?


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Duped Runes?

I traded a couple of paly gc for a jah, ist and um...now the jah is gone, but um and ist are still there. Are there duped runes? Btw, I play ladder only.


Yes there are. Unless it had a nice +Life mod, a normal Paladin GC wouldn't trade for anywhere near that amount, so be wary of offers that are to good to be true. You didn't specify the charm though, so I can't say or not if it was a "too good" offer.


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Killax said:
if it disappeared then i suppose it was duped
well, runes and other items you find, sure dont disappear for no reason :)

at any rate, sorry about your unfortunate incedent. keep chuggin along, all you can do is carry on and keep moving. ive been thru the exact same thing, so i know exactly how it feels. as soon as you get moving again, youll feel better :)