Dumped the *****, I did


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Dumped the *****, I did

boy do I feel good! I just dumped the **** out of my girlfriend. I just realized how much time I was wasting with this *****, and just now something happened that kicked it into overdrive.

Me and her had been together since the middle of last semester, and ever since a few months ago I have been trying to push the envelope to having a stronger relationship, to see if I really like her. Well tonight I call her up and ask if I can meet her and talk to her, and she's like Umm sure. So she calls me 5 minutes before we are about to go out and says "I cain't leave I have to talk to my friend" WTF is that ********? What kind of stupid *** exuse is that? From now on when the next time she tries crying back to me, I'm just gonna be like: sorry, I have to talk to my friend.

Its a shame a girl as hot as her as to be such a *****. That is the one thing I WILL miss about her. Oh well though, there are tons of other hot girls here so I'm off to cash in :teeth:


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Is every girl that you dump or dumps you a waste of your time? I mean, you have to learn SOMETHING, other then that she was a b****. I'm speaking in general here for anyone.


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Because, you know, it could never be that she reacted that way after you pushed too hard.

You've got such a healthy attitude towards women, dave. What woman wouldn't want a guy who would blame her for an adverse reaction due to him pushing her farther than she wanted to be :rolleyes:
If you didn't bang her first, you seriously did waste your time. I mean, if there's another reason to date a hot total *****, somebody let me know.

Also, dude, why couldn't you just go to her house to talk to her instead of going out or dumping her?