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mc_garb said:
Are all classes balanced between PvM or PvP? I'm talking about if all the untwinked builds for each char were to do PvM or PvP is it balanced without any uber gear?
There are so many possible builds and variations that this question is basically unanswerable. But in my experience the game is fairly well balanced, although some builds excell more than others, and some builds are weak. Thats half the fun really.

mc_garb said:
When will diablo 2 be able to make male or female barb's or male female other chars?
Three weeks from next never.


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its not just the build or the gear, the player is just as important, evne the best players have thier own styles and sometimes youll find a powerful build that just wont work with your style, or a weak build that with your style kicks serious ***, i know people who say that zealots jsut dont cut it anymore even with uber gear, yet mine cna still solo the whole game no probs, all 1.09gear, 1.09 build and the most expensive itme he has is a gaze, mostly uniqu items but mostly uniqu items in the gem price range


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Well every game is a little unbalanced

2 make a 100% balanced game u would have a puty runing for 500 years couting every posible happening..