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just wondering is there is such a thing as legit open bnet duels?
while i still play closed, i just cant wait to get all my gear on closed
its alot easier on open to get items

something along the lines of pub duels on closed but for open i guess
or even clan-honour style dueling on open

any info appreciated


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well there is, but it is VERY and i mean VERY difficult to find because open bnet is fullof little haXXor's so i suggest visiting the pvp forums on this site and ask around for some legit duelers on open.. hope it helped a little bit



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Perhaps sephiruss but it is also a lot easier to do hell meph runs for example on sp since the maps don't change but who knows :scratch:
I don't think many people who play SP will want to duel you if you are using downloaded items, but you can try.


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that's not right....i wanna download some items....no i don't who am i kidding. anyways it's just as easy to get the items on the realms....i know....i used to rule the realms.