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One thing I hate about dueling in general is that there always seems to be a trio of people who guard town and nk everyone in game.

in 1.09 it was bowazons scrolling the entrance with a fana pally.

In 1.10 it is now a hammeradin/s or scrolling necro with a Barb to give BO.

So I join with (name any char type) and I'm supposed to kill one of them without getting killed by the other 2, this turns out to be nearly impossible.
especially because most of these people use autoheal or just heal themselves.

Are there any sort of places to get away from this type of dueling?
I don't have a problem with team dueling, but in a pub game I think this is ridiculous.

I hope I don't get in trouble for mentioning scrolling or auto-healing
I do not condone their usage. There... happy Decar?


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Join an honor duel such as Barb Versus Barb. I have one off ladder and most people of the group are really friendly.

BTW: I talked to Great_Evils online and he gave me your account name so I'll kick it with you one ladder.



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In a pub game that kinda stuff is bound to happen, since someone eventually gets so mad that they don't care what they do as long as they kill you. Very often in "BvB" pub games I'll see a pally come in and team with barb, and the two will kill everyone with their conc/bo combo...I end up just finding a new game once that happens.


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I don't have a problem talking about hacks or dupes as they pertain to morality of playing or ethics. It is when you give directions on their use or tell where to get them when we get a little perturbed. This conversation is OK as long as it doesn't de-generate into what I mention above. :D


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Immortality said:
scrolling blizz sorcs are a huge pain.

What out for the septic folks. They cheat...alot.
Septic clan is a bunch of hacking idiots. They actually create dream pk teams and go from game to game hostiling everyone and get away with it.

Scroll, aa, chicken, they have it all.

I have actually beat a septic blizz sorc with my old 110 fcr fball sorc. She chickened but its stilll a win if you get them to 1/100th of their life and they leave.


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It's a win if they chicken, period. The only shame of it is that an ear, your prize, doesn't drop.

Perhaps the answer to these idiotic duelers is to start a dueling clan. Never let these idiots in, always having different game names and passwords. Specific rules so that all characters have a relitively equal chance of winning. Maybe it should be, maybe it should not. Afterall, it would be quite the hassle. But then again, what's worse, making a dueling clan or coping with the endless amounts of jerks the repiticiously join the games?

An East, West, Europe and Asia dueling clan. Man, that would be quite nice.


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I'm always up for legit duels
On East NL I'm usually on
I have east ladder chars but pretty much pvm, tho the 87 barb can kick some ass dueling due to maxed resists and a decent build.

Here's my advice for town guarding kids. It works best for a sorceress or a pally with some mana pots, but take the cold plains wp and attack from behind. On a fireball sorceress wait till you see them on the automap then move half a screen over, then start firing in their direction. For those non legit duelers, scrolling assists this, but even without scrolling it works for me(for orbers, get on the edge of their screen, in the corner, and spray orbs as you teleport around them, for blizz just drop and run). Necs bwall themselves in, so once you see spirits coming tele so you moved 90 degrees around them and keep attacking the same way. Hammerdins are easy if you namelock them while they attack others, especially with fireballs or FOH(namelocking is not a hack... anyone can do it). Dealing with hacks is enough of a pain, but kids juv alot now. I think the best solution really is to scroll and only scroll on a sorc, because if they need autoaim and potions, you can do enough to kill them with some skill and a bit of scrolling.
The best way to tank blizz sorcs is a high CR shield. Since 3soc saph shields are even more newbish than scrolling in my opinion, find a good shield with 48+ base CR and psaph socket it. Do this with LR for FOH, and since FR doesnt need to be stacked, just keep all your resists maxed.

*note: I don't intend to break the forum rules by scrolling, but this is a simple way to counter the way most people give themselves an unfair advantage. Just to add to this, scrolling is for people with no skill, and I've never lost SvS to someone who scrolled.