dueling weapon..barb w/w


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dueling weapon..barb w/w

hi there! im building a level 38 ww dueler and need to know some things...over several months of playing i have kept 22 etheral nagas and have around 30 spare imbues among my chars... im wondering if a naga is worth dueling with or is there something else im missing.. eth honour or something??? .. anyhow if i do start imbuing them what mods should i look for and is this possible for lvl 38 / under...


Ferocious +(101-200)% Enhanced Damage lvl 33
Knight's +(81-100) to Attack Rating/+(51-65)% Enhanced Damage lvl 30
Mechanist's 2 sockets lvl 7

of Quickness 40% Ias lvl 38

(either of these)
of Self-Repair Repairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds 37 lvl 1
of Restoration Repairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds 37 lvl 12

of Slaughter +(15-20) to Maximum Damage lvl 18

These are just some of the mods i can see..are there any im missing? anyhow would i be able to fair with other mid level duelers if i got a eth naga with for example 180%ed, 40%ias and restore? any of those other mods would be a bonus...

Could anyone also tell me the probablity with 22 eth naga imbues to get one with those mods (180+, 40%ias. restore)

and if someone has suggestions for a better weapon / eth weapon to imbue plz tell !!



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Odds to get weaopons like that are very slim..
Even if ou could get one with repiar durability..


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Keep looking for a 3 socket wirts leg and socet it with 3 p rubies, think of all the extra damage you would get! Also think of how you can rub peoples noses in the dirt after becasue you pwned them with your godly limb.


best weapon for that level is the ethereal unique yari
but most people over charge it like hell


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senji said:
best weapon for that level is the ethereal unique yari
but most people over charge it like hell
hmm is it really that good..i have imbued 10 of the nagas and the only one mentioning is a eth 215%ed 40%ias one.. now if this for example had the repair durability mod would it be superoir to the yari? ...is the ability to block 3/4 of hits + have comparitably the same dmg (the 0.8 scrutum(sp) has 35+max ) so its comparatable worth the 4x ? % crushing blow?


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A lvl 34 1 handed barb would beat the snot out of any eth yari barb. If a charger uses a eth yar, well, I consider the charger pretty dumb as well as dead.


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My druid takes appart 2h barbs.

There are lots of versions of my druid out there.^^

I suggest using something a little strange, but hear me out.

A flesh render.

While it isnt the fastest thing out there, it comes with a few powerful features : Crushing blow//Critical strike.

Try it out in theory. I've learned to appreciate this rather demonic little wepon