Dueling: The dark and good side of DUELING


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Dueling: The dark and good side of DUELING

Dueling: The dark and good side of DUELING

The Dark:

My Melee Zealot Vs 3 Casters, Wind Druid, Trapassassin, Necromancer(bone) at same time….

Setting: Melee Game: To chose my gear I picked a light resist gear because those 3 were nking and killing everyone, a trapsassin does huge damage and if I got hit id surely die so I put on salvation and a guardian angel. After that I went out to fight the trapsassin which I saw was alone nking, just as I killed the trapsassin the druid comes right when the trapssassin had half life, few zeals later trapsassin is dead, druid is at half life still spamming those tornado things and I was like at half life. I was like wow im gonna win, suddenly out of no where the necro teleports in shoots bone spears at me and kills be as I dragged the druid with me to death. Then he dark side happens…. They started to scream OWNED OWNED OWNED NOOB NOOB NOOB…. I was like are OMG what kind or brainless rats are u guys… I didn’t feel like running through 5 traps a wind druid and a barrage of bone spears so I left game lo.l…. Thinking to myself what kind of nasty people… as I left they just spammed owned owned lmao etc. After that my friend told me that they went even crazier when they saw the account of the person they killed. They were like OMG OMG OMG its dracoy the diinet guy or something. And they were so proud of owning me…. Wow incredibly sad….

The Good:

I found a NICE PERSON today WOW. A concentrate barb probably that follwed hal’s guide… Wow he was beastly 44k defense, 20k ar, 5k life WOW this guy was a beast. He was SOOO nice and awesome. We had like like 6-8 duels where I won most and he won won. Wow a person that’s not controlled by greed to steal my 200k gold. We dueld secretly in the catacombs while the melee game was infested with casters. I have to admit times like this make dueling a positive experience.

The Dark:

Lol this guy just cracked me up…. A fire sorc comes into this game says he was once a god called Pvp_melee something a paladin that owned in melee. I was like ok bring ur paladin… All he sai dwas I owned ur char soooo ezly last time and that my char was owned like bug…. Sad part is his sorc blew like helll…. He died to my friends trapsassin that had the worst gear ever 9/10 times my friend won…. Which was sad…. And the SADDEST of them all is that my zealot is 2 days old and I only dueled in like 4-5 games I remember when I was killed…. The only time I was killed was by the barb Nad-Man mentioned in the good section(in melee of course) but yeah try to look better by lieing…. Wow sad….

Leave your Dark and Good in dueling!

Rant is now over!!!


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Well, I'll start with a rare occasion... I actually had a duel today... and it reminded me why I don't do it more often.


I'm Questing with my Lvl42 Ranger/Cleric Pally, obviously not a Char made for PvP... I Start a Game called "Playing A1" and I'm joined be a few people. Immediately I'm asked by a lvl47 Fanatic Zealot if I want to duel. I say nty, because I know I have no shot against this guy (He has a Sword/Shield setup... Later to learn he had a switch)... and even if I did, I've had a total of only 6-7 PvP experiences throughout my playing days. (Only 1 or 2 of those was willingly)

So I go around questing, Get a few done, (Den, BRaven) and all this time, the guy's asking me if I want to duel. (He was off in another part of A1) After that, I figure fine... If it'll get him to shut up.

I had only kept my Wand/Shield combo out when I was in town, just happened that way. So when I go out, he's guarding the exit. This is also when I see the switch, Yari/Trident type item.

Now I have a very limited choice of Auras. Meditation, Defiance, Salvation, Cleansing, Vigor, All lvl1. I had a Maxed Prayer.

So, I figure my best chance is to outrun him, keep him off me and hit him with my arrows... so that's what I do. Hit him 4-5 times... Have him down to half life, the jerk takes a pot. Stick with Vigor, try this a few more times... Taking pot shots at his merc when I think I can get away with it. At times, he gets too close, so I quickly Press W and switch to my wand/Shield combo with max block so I can break away.

Goes on for a little like this... Until the little twit actually gets a Shot in because I didn't get my block up quickly enough. Now, getting hit is not the problem. It's the fact that the poison he was using was definitely substantial. So I break away again with Vigor, get my little lead and switch to Cleansing... Even with a lvl5 Cleansing (+4skills) and a Maxed Prayer Synergy, that 1 hit brought me down substantially.

Due to the lack of Vigor with Cleansing on, he eventually catches up to me. (Not once did this fool turn on Vigor or even Charge, btw) I, of course, never downed a pot so when he caught me, I was eventually taken out. We don't all make wand-wielding melee chars like Kirsty does.

Now, up to that point... still wasn't bothered. I was just hoping he'd leave me be to the game now. So he takes my money, a decent amount... no problem.

Only 1 thing then bothered me... After the duel, He uttered these words: "what a weak strategy"

This coming from the 2 handed, picklefork, pot using, lead-footed, CBF-less (He was hit by a Cold Enchanted Quill) pally.

The rest of the Convo went like this:

Me - You can't expect much from a party oriented PvM build.
Him - PvM ?
Me - Player Vs Monster
Him - *No Response*
Me - As opposed to Player versus Player, PvP
Him - What kind of Strategy is running away anyway?
Me - *No response*
Him - I don't know anything about that Pvm Or PvP... I just do what it takes for my character's to kick ***. *Leaves game*

Now That, in a nut shell is why I avoid dueling. No matter how poorly someone plans and plays, no matter how poor their etiquette. If they get the kill, it's all good. If they get killed, it couldn't possibly be their fault.


Light side:

Umm... Thinking... Really trying... Umm... Guh.... Well, not really dueling... but any time you crush a PK with a PvM Build (Ex: All 1.09: Ritual Sacrifice/Sacrificial Lamb Build killing WW Barb, CB WW Barb on TS/Orb Sorc, CL Sorc eliminating Teleporting Necro.)

Just gives you a nice little feeling when you best a specialised character with one that had no intentions of participating in an event like that.


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lamers said:
OMG u haxor u lagxored me
That is mostly all that I hear in games with duels.
I have, like alainpp66, dueled very rarely. I am, however, thinking of creating one PvP char just to own all these bnettish vermin.


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hahah good stuff

Dark Side:

i was in a duel game owning a wind druid, every time i killed him he made a excuse/lag.

At the end of the game it was me 20 him 0.... He said lag like almostevery time its sad....

Sad sad sad...


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everyone blames lag

Dark Side: my barb off ladder is a pure and simple killing machine (pvm), with a equ switch i can kill sorcs easily, other than that, i can win at least 1/2 of the duels
I'm fighting a barb and a paladin, i kill both and a sorc enters the game...the sorc parties w/ me...i kill the paladin and i'm workin on the barb....the sorc teleports to town, hostiles me, runs out, and teleports back to kill me (which im at about 1/2 life cause barb had some psn) and after doin so takes my money
I switch to other gear and go kill the sorc (which i dont take the money) and the barb comes and kills me...
they were in cahoots...and got about 450k offa me from dyin 2x

Light: I've had tons of several duels, and they were extremely honorable...no ptns, no suprise attacks, no money stealing etc etc...often thats how i find friends, we kill each other a few times and find out we play similar and it moves on from there...like we party and wipe out baal