Dueling Strategies Of The Trap Assassin


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Dueling Strategies Of The Trap Assassin

First of all, fade is an aura, and you cant just cast it right? I still am in the middle of building my trap sin and have been thinking about dueling strategies.
When I had my smiter, trap sins were easy to kill because they basically just ran around their traps, and all I needed to do was charge them. This might be good against casters becase you can sit there casting mind blast.

My question is, how would laying traps, and assigning the right click to teleport, and quickly teleporting away? Lay, tele away, lay tele away. Would this work? Or would it just look like a person trying to win cheaply?

Has anyone tried this? How do you duel with your trap sin? Do you change the ways you duel depending on what build your dueling?

Discuss duel strategies here. And help me out.

Thanks alot, any suggestions would be highly appriciated.

Silent Shaddow

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if u tele 2 far away from ur traps they 'die' thus meaning that'll want 2 stay around them whilst trying 2 kill, stopping and casting mb porvided you actually hit is a much better option usually,
although i would say that teleing 2 the same area might well be effective at staying alive
fade is a passive skill like holy shield and BoS, holy shield
surely u must have noticed that keeping it active doesnt effect anything...
pesonally ive only dueled with my trap/kicker hybrid recently which leaves me with a much more obvious thing 2 do... go offensive :grin:


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It all depends on class and how good that person is on clicking a shifty assassin.
Smiter/Zealer/Charger- Best to lay a star formation and spam mind blast, if they get close then its time to tele to the opposite side of them and again spam mind blast.
Hammerdin- Just walk away when they try to teleport onto you then spam mind blast again.

Barb- This can either be really easy or really hard. A new time barb wont have much resist or the 5k life your average barb has. Just dodge whirlwind and spam mind blast again, if he uses enigma then its a better idea to ballpark a guess for a tele then quickly run away and then yet again spam mind blast. Same goes for a singer.

Bowazon- They have a tendancy to put alot of area between them and your traps. I find that your average amazon is not skilled in getting a name lock on so I just charged at them with tele and lay 2 traps and spam mind blast. Works on 95% of em.
Javazon- These can be tricky if they use enigma and not so much if they just run up to you and poke you. Being that traps can send them into a lock plus the added lock of mind blast, you should have no troubles here against your everyday javazon.

Poison- If you can get off mind blast before he can get 2 poison novas, you will most likely win.
Bone- These guys can be tricky, they keep distance from you and can get away from you much better then a zon. Its best to lay traps and stand further back behind them. (Everyone thinks we always stand in our traps) If you get lucky he will have low FHR and die in them.
Summoner- These are a joke against us.

Hurricaner- Another joke since they need to stand on you to do massive damage. Traps eat their armor no problem and just mind blast em to death. I hope you have a lot of FCR because hurricaners often have ALOT of FHR to counter locks.
Fury/Raby and all melee- Same case as a barb without enigma.
Bear Summoner- They stand in town... Spam your swears and leave because traps SUCK against a good bear.

Fire- You kind of just have to lay some traps at their feet and hope they are stupid enough to stand still for the 2 seconds it takes.
Blizz- Watch out because if they land it, odds are you are dead. A pro of these guys though is that they need to be in your screen to cast it. Now is your chance.
Light- Easy stuff for us, just lay traps in a decent radius and they always get hit.
Nova- If made good, they guys are the ****. Good luck on them. Not much I can tell you on fighting them because I find them rare.
Orb- Please... If you die on them its a sad face for you :(

Whirlwind- Same as a teleporting barb.
Trap- These battles are about dodging a boat load of shots. It tends to be a battle when each of you are just out of eachothers screen and you shoot 2 or 3 at their feet as they do you. Its pretty much 50/50.
Bowasin- They are a fun fight. A good one can take you to 1 life in like 2 shots. Its all bout getting the first hit in. Good thing bout them though is that they are rare :D.