Dueling Martial Assassain


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Dueling Martial Assassain

Hey, i was considering making a dueler assassain and i came up with a good idea for one, however i hacked it up on single player to see what its stats would look like and im not so sure as to how affective it would be.

The skills maxed would be
Dragon Flight
Dragon Claw
Claw Mastery

The idea being run around and then flight them with a quick double claw to hopefully finish them off.
However flights dmg was 2500-3000 and claws dmg was 3000-3500 and i was wondering if this actually is enough damage to kill someone in PVP.

I used 2 Bartucs as weapons btw.

Any help/opinions


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if 3k is the damage without adding venom, it can be a good dueler. but dont expect to beat every matchup.


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You wont have to max BoS if you work your %ia gear correctly. Upgraded bartcus have wonderful built in ias, so take a look at the ias charts stickied here so you can see howlow you can keep BoS.

The points you would save there would be ideal for venom.

And dragon claw works poorly with +skills {5%ed per lvl, but massive ar}. Imo, using shadow gc's over martial gc's would give you more net damage...Unless that is you plan on dueling alot of barbs...

And dont forget to work with cloak and sm and 1 pt blade fury {with max venom}. Those will really help you in a duel if you really want to try..