Dueler's Registry

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Dueler's Registry

The Dueler's Registry

Tired of being unable to find anyone to duel? Don't want to sit around in an empty channel waiting to find people? Bored of dueling the same people in the same small "clan" again and again? This list should hopefully solve your problems.

If you want to have your account names added to this list, make sure you don't mind people constantly messaging you asking you to duel. Of course, if you have an account you run bots with, or are unwilling to duel most of the time while using, please do not list it.

Updated for 1.10, web-site based registration.


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yo my account name is osidon (useast nonladder) whisper if u want to duel. :surprise: undefined


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sc east ladder/hc classic east ladder/sc west ladder

mostly on damons now, going 2 weeks strong in softcore O_O
msg for duel any time
DruidT_T lvl 84 werewolf BABA


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*qared east ladder, 92 hammy.
*qareq east ladder, 87 trowy barb
*qarew east ladder 75 foher
*qares east ladder 82 blizzy
*qarec east ladder 75 fire ele druid

Mainly on *qared *qares up for a duel anytime.


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Give me a while on the mudbloods acct...I got a liberator and a wind druid to make......

US east non-ladder
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