Duel for High Runes [w/sc/nl]


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Duel for High Runes [w/sc/nl]

Hello all, I am issuing a challenge to all the duelers of West Softcore Non-Ladder. Duel either 1v1 or 2v2 for a prize. The duels will be first to 5. You will recieve 1 high rune (no requests) if you win. Since we are the only ones with something to lose, we choose who duels who in 1v1 matches (or you may choose if you want to put a rune up on your side).

Here are the rules:

  • Duels will be first to five kills.
  • Duels take place in Nightmare.
  • No Healing Potions
  • Max res+ is allowed.
  • One piece of absorb is allowed (no exceptions)
  • Max res+ and absorb cannot be worn together, one or the other.
  • No mass poison damage, with the exception of these: Plauge Amazons, Poison Nova Necromancers, Assassin Venom, Rabies Druid. These are the only builds allowed to use high amounts of poison damage.
  • Going outside the Blood Moor (Rogue Camp, past Flavie, or into Den of Evil), even on 'accident', is instant death.
  • There are no 'rematches' for rounds, if you die, its a loss.

Msg me at *dm-1337 or post here. Please try to keep all posts relevant to the topic.


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Hmmm i got a semi-good ele druid and hammer on west, so does my friend. Ill gladly put up a high rune in a 2v2 game. My account is *white_guy


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Definately sounds like a plan. I'll try and catch you online either tonight or tomorrow.


These are now prize possibilities (you can choose from these or 1 rune):

Storm Shield (1os)
Ethreal 187% Enhanced Defense Gaurdian Angel (1os)
Arkaine's Valor (2+ asn/dru/pal/sor)
2bo/6bc CtA (flail)
36/10 Dungo


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I will like to join if there is still room

Just tell me the time and place

if you wish to know anything of what im going to use just ask



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I sort of prefer 2 vs. 2, but 1 on 1 is fine with me too...

Willing to put up as many PnB gcs as necessary.

- Dennis


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Its not really happening any set time or place. More of just a standing challenge, so whenever we happen to both be online. I'm mostly online late night and early morning (gmt -9). If you guys want to setup a time where we can all get together around the same time, we can definately do that. Just gotta make sure its good for most people.

I'll just add everyone who posted here to f list.


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Count me in please!!! /w *mimco or *mimcon

need to know time and place. Btw, 1st to 5 matches, but would I be able to change chars?


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Okay, who am I challenging/challenges me though? How will I know who I'm supposed to fight for a prize?


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I will be on the account *dm-1337 ... 99% of the time I'll be on a character named ChrisGriffon.

Thanks for the duels duels chocolate31s ;)