dual weild question


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dual weild question

i have a noob barb that i just started and i made him axe =(
so i have 2 nagas at lvl 40 or so and im wondering if both contribute to total WW dmg . becuz im dual weiding

for example, the char screen seys ww
330-370 does this mean with
ww i could do 700 or so? or is it only 300 something... ty

also whats with the BIG axes that require some dex? are they worth it
cuz i have one that does 150- 290 but require 59 dex.. worth it?

LASTLY how do u raise atk rating ?? mines so damn baddd.. yea


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First of all... I had a really hard time understanding what you were saying... Might be because I'm tired, though... ;)

Second; No, WW does not add both weapons' damages to each hit. Weapons hit separately.

About the two-hander, though... Depends. Do you want to hit hard or do you want to hit fast?

WW doesn't really provide a large bonus to attack rating, compared to the other skills in the barbarian's combat-tab. Charms, Raven Frost, Demon Limb are some examples of getting higher AR. Also, DEX does in fact give you AR, but only a small amount per point, so I wouldn't advice to sacrifice stat-points in DEX to get AR. And lastly; you're a Barbarian - choose and max your weapon mastery.