Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

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Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

After recently Matting a Blova Sorceress and spending a while running Baal afterwards, I really got a feel for the character and can now appreciate why Liquid Evil, BobTheWarrior, bcoe and maareek rated their Blova's so highly when running Baal. I thought that Nova would be too weak to deal with CI's and that would be the builds downfall, however it has surprised me and I've taken her to 91 without it feeling a chore at all. This, mixed with the following quote from bcoe in his own Mat thread:

Anyways, my favorite D2 pastime is running Baal with dual-tree, full-Tal’s sorcs. I’ve tried most, and I think I’ve found my favorite. She’s a Blizz/Nova mix. I’ve logged 100’s of runs with FO/FB, traditional meteorb, Blizz/FB, FO/Nova, CB/FO.
Got me thinking, can any of the other dual tree Sorceresses compete. I don't consider myself even remotely an authority on the topic and so turn to the forum and it's vast amounts of knowledge and enthusiasm to help me and perhaps a few others to draw an accurate conclusion. I know that sirpoopsalot made quite a few different characters trying to find the same thing, as well as bcoe indicating it in the above quote, however I was hoping for a much larger sample spreading across the forum, utilising many builds and gear setups.

With that unnecessarily lengthy introduction out the way, here's what I ask of you. Take your dual tree Sorcs out for a Baal running session and time those runs, in the style of the Optimal Baal Runner Research thread, it might be worth recording the fastest runtime as well as the average. Give us an idea of the character you're running with by posting stats, skills, gear and playstyle too. As I have said already, I'm not an authority in the field of dual tree Sorcs and the Blova is perhaps the first I've made that has been well geared and ran Baal beyond level 90, which means over the next few weeks I'll be creating quite a few more characters and running them to level 90, then at level 90 I'll start recording runtimes.

Important factors to consider:

- We aren't clearing the WSK or ToD, just the waves and Baal.
- All recorded runs should be done at players 1/8/3, or 3/8/3 if you're lazy like me.
- Record any deaths.

By the end of this, hopefully we'll have a clearer picture of the best build for Baaling.

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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

Matriach Leeloo (Blova):

Level 91

Base/After BO

Life - 1254/2367
Mana - 921/1474
Resists: 75/75/75/68

Stats: Base/With Gear

Strength: 156/160
Dexterity: 25/45
Vitality: 329/351
Energy: 35/45

Blizzard: 5623 - 5853
Ice Blast: 3758 - 3862
Nova: 1153 - 1555


20 (31) Nova
20 (33) Lightning Mastery
20 (38) Blizzard
20 (38) Ice Blast
13 (31)Ice bolt
3 (23) Cold Mastery
1 point in pre reqs and the Warmth and Teleport


Helmet: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (-5/+4 Cold Facet)
Weapon: Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye (-5/+4 Cold Facet)
Armour: Tal Rasha's Guardianship (-5/+4 Cold Facet)
Shield: 'Spirit' Monarch
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
Boots: 'Dread Greaves' Rare Boneweave Boots
Amulet: Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Ring 1: The Stone of Jordan
Ring 2: The Stone of Jordan

Switch: Beta 'Call to Arms'/'Spirit'

Charms: Gheeds + 7x Cold Skillers, Small charms a mixture of Life/Mana, hit recovery/resist and resists

Merc: (Prayer)

Weapon: 'Insight' Eth Thresher
Armour: 'Fortitude' Archon Plate
Helmet: Ral'd Andy's Visage


Tele the Throne, clear it out, using Static on CI's before Nova

Wave 1: Blizzard the main pack then Ice Blast to pickup the stragglers.
Waves 2: Spam Static at the beginning and Blizzard the middle of the pack to kill most of the Unravellers, usual takes a couple. Finish by tele'ing into the middle and Nova'ing the the Skele's
Wave 3: Premptive Blizzard spam as usual mixed with Static, pick the stragglers with Ice Blast.
Wave 4: See Wave 3
Wave 5: Most of the time same as 3 and 4, however if Lister is CI, then I pin the merc against a wall and stand behind Lister to try and stun lock him will the merc finishes him off, as Nova doesn't really cut it vs. a players 8 Lister. Also if they're extra fast, then I stand at the top of the stairs and funnel them in 1 at a time.

Baal is fairly easy, just stand near him, but out of reach from his powerful melee attach, also ensure that I'm against something solid so that his cold knockback skill doesn't interrupt my casting too much. With 105 FCR I can cast Blizzard then get off 4 Ice Blasts before casting Blizzard again, this brings him down quite fast.
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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

Slighty off-topic yet related... I have been doing Baal in the MFO with a pure Blizz sorceress wearing full Tal's (close to 400MF, 105 FCR with rare rings, 75 all resists, etc. Great MF gear, not only for dual-tree!). I grew weary of tele-stomping the wave 2 skellies and dropped the 5 unspent skill points I had sitting around into Nova. Even with that tiny investment I was amazed at how well Nova worked on cleaning up the skellies. Admittedly, I always dropped to /p1 for wave 2, but still. I can imagine with a properly spec'd Blova the runs should be really nice.
Funny my runs with pure Blizz and 5 hard points into Nova play out exactly like your "playstyle" section above. The one benefit I think I get by having more investment in cold skills is I can do the other waves besides wave 2 at higher player settings much faster. I tend to do the waves at 7/1/3/7/5 and Baal at 5. Fully spec'd Blizz + Ice Blast melts anything not CI really fast.
Anyway, sorry I don't have any run times for you, just thought I would comment on my experience with Blizz and minimal Nova.

EDIT: Oh, one thing I do differently is as I'm waiting for each wave to spawn, I'll get Blizzard going and then spam Glacial Spike across the area. As the wave drops in, they usually fall onto the GS blasts and it freezes everyone solid. This is awesome for the Unravellers of wave 2 if there are any undead corpses around the throne room area (OKs, Souls, dolls, etc) as they can't res anything if they're frozen solid. :)


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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

If I get time I'll try to do about 30 runs with 1 or 2 different specs of my Blizzballer over the next few days. I'm currently using a more even split between Fire/Cold than is normal, but I'll respec at some point and try a Cold focused build. Equipment is pretty good (Fathom, NWs, beta BKWB, loads of skillers, etc.) which may distort results slightly, but I'll list it all properly once I'm finished running.

When you say "3/8/3" runs, are you switching to p8 before wave 1, or wave 3? It makes a big difference, and I'd never normally bother running with wave 2 on p8.

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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

When I say 3/8/3 I mean I don't change it to players 1 after killing Baal, so I have to clear the Throne at players 3, however all 5 waves are done at players 8.


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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

As maps differ and the variation in p setting clearing the the Throne, would it be a silly idea to time from the moment the first wave appears to Baal's death? Or is that just too tricky?

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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

I think that would be more hastle then it's worth to be honest, I had planned on rolling decent map and clearing the Throne at players 3. Each character would be full Tal's, but I'm still deciding whether to respec the same character over and over, as that would mean I could keep the same map, however I'm not yet sure.


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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

You could still get the data Thy mentions by measuring one time for a map how long it takes to get to wave 1 spawn, and then just subtract that time from all the run times on that map to get the specific kill times. Assuming there are very small variations in travel times of course :)


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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

An efficient Baalrunner has to be able to get to, and clear, the throneroom as fast and efficiently (and safely) as possible, as well as killing the waves + Baal. So eliminating the clearing of the throneroom from the comparison is wrong, IMO.

Have a look at the blizzard/lightning/chainlightning build. She's superior to the blova build in my experience.

I'll try and see if I can get the hypercam2 program set up properly, so I can record a couple of runs.

I have a lot of runs already recorded, but when played they are sped up to somewhere between double and triple speed.
Anybody got any pointers for me in that department?


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Re: Dual Tree Baal Running Sorceresses Run Times

I'm somewhere between 3 and 4 minutes, depending on the number of CIs in the throne. 3 min for an empty throne, 4 for 2+ bosspacks of witches. Using blizz/fb sorc with tal's set, def merc with ga/um vg/um eth kelpie/amn or ed jewel.

Tried blova as well, but I couldn't pack enough damage with tal's, and I needed insight, which left baal free to tp around like the ***** she is. So I reverted to blizz/fb :)