Dual-Pb Tele-ing WW barb?


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Dual-Pb Tele-ing WW barb?

ive been thinking about this barb for a long time, got all the gear for him and started making him as an axe barb but then got these 2 swords and was wondering if he would do any good with them...

so... full gear would be-

Eth Upped 175%/3% arreats
12xx defense Dusk Enigma
Grief PB (36/387)
Last Wish PB (350/67)
Verdungos 35/14
Ravenfrost 223/20
Rare Dual Leech/118ar/mana/res ring
7/6 Soul Drainers
198 Upped Gores
SWITCH- 2x low hotos for bo+tele.

will his ww dmg with a pb be enuff? or will the might and +dmg from grief counter the low base dmg on pbs? any help would be appreciated. :girly:


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Last Wish on a WW barb is pretty bad, if you ask me..
thats not really advice thats more of an opinion... could u explain why? i like swords better than axes so i cant use beast, so LW is the next best (fade, LT, might)

edit- if you are talking about speed its in a pb...



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Grief's +Damage will more or less nullify the lower base damage. However LWPB doesn't hit the last WW breakpoint, you're 4% short. And that 4% can't be made up anywhere, WW simply ignores off-weapon IAS.


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I made a WW magic finding barb with 2xhoto on switch, and I used ebotdz and a beastz. The only problem was repairing the beast so often, I was able to hit the WW ias bp, and even got the 105% FCR bp for some extreme teleporting and find iteming. (arachs and a 18 FCR ammy, which also made my teleport with beast/ebotdz pretty fast too.)

It was a fun build, I think I barely got 200% MF. the only problem was that WW didn't trigger Lifetap form my dracul's, and I never did get any Keys because I think the keys are affected by what attack was used to kill, therefore since one WW did the job in 1 player I never got keys ever.
And of course repairing the beast was a huge pain. (i might've gotten it in a superior one, maybe that's why I dunno).


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Might: not as good as you think.
Fade: Your barb should have enough resists/ DR to live in PvM. In PvP? Uhh.... yeah... I'll leave it up to people to decide if that's fair.
Lifetap: Does not work with WW.
Speed: Doesn't hit last BP.

Ditch the gloves, btw. You already have the mana leech from the ring.

I'd get something along the lines of Laying Of Hands. You should be leeching enough with two weapons (one of which is a high damaging one...), and Arreats.