Dual Nova Sorc -- how to do it?

Epsilon Eyez

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Dual Nova Sorc -- how to do it?

I know that a couple of people have made sorcs maxing Nova and Frost Nova, and I'm wondering how to get the skill points right, such as what exactly to max first and whatnot. So far I'm level 9 and have been sinking points into Frost Nova, waiting for level 12 to hit to gain Nova.

What should the order of maxing out be? I was thinking 20 Nova, 20 Lightning Mastery, 20 Frost Nova, 20 Frozen Orb, 20 Blizzard, then the rest in Cold Mastery. I was thinking of maxing Nova first since its actually effective, with Frost Nova being sort of just for looks and thematic completion (sorc is named SuperNovae)

I know the build won't be uber-effective and such, but I was wondering what the optimal skill distribution would be.

Suggestions on equipment would be helpful as well.


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Definatly max Nova and Light mastery first. In my opinion, you should sink some points into Thunderstorm. Here's my suggested build:

20 Nova
20 Light mastery
enough into thunderstorm to get it to level 10+

20 frost nova
20 frozen orb
1+ blizzard
1+ cold mastery

Dump any remaining pts into mastery and blizzard

Epsilon Eyez

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Thanks for the tips. I didn't think Thunderstorm would be worth it because of the prerequisites, however, I will try my best to find a staff with +3 to Thunderstorm and 3 sockets to put in a Memory runeword, thus giving +6 Thunderstorm.

If I find +3 Energy Shield and +3 Chilling Armor along with +3 Thunderstorm, that would be choice, though nearly impossible. +9 free Energy Shield = tasty.