Dual elemental druid: failed


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Dual elemental druid: failed

A few days ago, I've decided to play an elemental druid. And I've found a dual-elemental druid guide. The guide suggested to use this skill levels:
20 firestorm, 20 armageddon, 20 cyclone armor, 20 twister and 20 tornado (and of course, 1 for each prereq).
I've started following it and everything seemed "alright" until I've accidentally selected a second Fissure. I was impressed by its unbelievable damage (if you can manage to hit accurately, that is) and decided to max out Fissure and Armageddon; rather than tornado and hurricane.
In Act IV, I was shocked at the fact that I could do almost nothing against them. So little damage given, too much damage taken (clvl was 28 back then). I've asked a friend to help me, who was using a ice+lightning sorceress, clvl 50.
He helped me all through Diablo and Baal, which got my clvl to 49 and his to 56. Then he went to bed and I've decided to keep doing Mephisto and Baal runs for a while.
BUT, I could do simply NOTHING against Baal, even when not using /players 8. Meph could kill me with a single ice-ball if I don't have cyclone armor active. It takes about 10+ minutes to kill Meph with /players 8 and about 30 minutes to pass Baal and his minions without /players 8.
I'm so disappointed at my elem druid right now. It's okay against large crowds, using hurricane+armageddon while casting fissure below them is good. But I use the same mana for a single or some twenty-something targets. Considering the general cooldown for elemental spells and my high mana consumption, a Baal run is a nightmare, 'cause of his mana burn.
I've never been a hardcore player, so I'm not experienced that much. I just play on instincts and guides, to be honest. So, here's my skill levels and feel free to suggest another class/build, or criticise :)
15 firestorm, 10 fissue, 7 armageddon, 5 cyclone armor, 10 hurricane, and 1 for each: molten boulder, volcano, arctic blast, twister, tornado.
Any help is appreciated, thanks :wave:


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Fun build

Whats your budget?

I think that dual elemental druids are for the richer folks who need a new challenge..


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Re: Dual elemental druid: failed

Sorry, but I don't know the term. If it's about ladder, or Bnet; well, I'm only playing on single, or tcp/ip with my friend ^^


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Re: Dual elemental druid: failed

Personally I'm not a big fan of Armageddon, it's too random IMO. I use Fissure and Volcano on my fire druid. They synergize eachother, but I have big problems in Hell thanks to fire immunes (I've started to pump Molten Boulder for synergy to Volcano's physical damage to help deal with individual fire immunes, but for groups I just run past them, or let my gf's barb take care of them if I'm playing with her) You got Hurricane for fire immunes though.

Are you using any summons? Having one point in grizzly to take hits for you can help, and Oak Sage gives a welcome life boost. I use Solar Creeper (1 point only) for mana regeneration, but in hindsight I think I could have done without it.


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Re: Dual elemental druid: failed

I've got Dire Wolf 3, which is a bonus from my headpiece armor. Those 3 wolves are relatively better against lower level monsters. Baal and Meph can kill them all in one shot. They also need high mana to summon, so I don't use them much against bosses.

As you've also mentioned, armageddon is too random. And so is fissure. Now I understand why people go for tornado and twister, rather than fissure and armageddon.
Since there's no way I can re-distribute my skill points, and I've already gone through the "exciting" way of an elemental druid, I've made up a new javazon and I'm too happy to play with her. Except for those little monsters like flayers, fallens, Act II hoppers, etc. :)
I'll be more careful at my steps from now on. If the guide says something, it does for a reason and getting out of it's way, if you're not that experienced in D2, is nothing but a mistake.
Thanks for your help, and sorry for the trouble.

Ed from Russia

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Re: Dual elemental druid: failed

Here are some tips:

The best advice is: Stop with the Dual-Elemental Druid and make a Wind Druid; see the stickies for guides.

- Overall, a dual-elemental Druid is challenging, and requires good equipment and patience.
- Armageddon is for show and sometimes actually kills a creature, but don't count on it.
- the best fire skills are Fissure and Volcano, the best wind skill is Tornado. If you wish to handle immunes you should max: Fissure, Volcano, Tornado, Hurricane and Cyclone Armor. That should allow you to take care of most monsters, although you'lll never be as powerful as a pure Wind or Fire druid
- Get yourself a Grizzly; for 1 pt you've got a decent tank
- Get some good equipment before you try this; you need the skill bonuses from them

Ideal gear (suggestion, incl. lower-budget)
helm: Jalals / Ravenlore
armor: Enigma / Vipermagi / any with skill bonus and/or resists
weapon: HotO / Earthshaker / Spirit sword
gloves: Magefist
Boots: any with FRW and resists / Silkweave
belt: Arachnid's Mesh / any with FHR and resists
Rings: SOJs / BKs / Raven Frost
Amulet: Maras / magic with +3 to elemental skills
Charms: Druid Torch and Elemental Skillers