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Dual elemental druid advice needed

Discussion in 'Druid' started by DrLove, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. DrLove

    DrLove Banned

    Aug 27, 2006
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    Dual elemental druid advice needed

    Ok, so I've been leveling a dual-elemental Druid recently with hopes of PvPing with him. I used to duel with a pure fire Druid and he did ok with mediocre items but he lacked variety and a spamable spell so I thought I'd give this build a whirl.

    Character setup is as follows...


    Str - 133/156 (depending on shield)
    Dex - Max block
    Vit - Rest
    Ene - ololOLol


    20 Tornado
    20 Cyclone Armour
    20 Fissure
    20 Volcano
    1 in Dire and Spirit Wolves, Bear, Oak and pre-reqs.

    Where should I place the remaining skill points? I was thinking maybe alternating between Firestorm and Twister so Fissure and 'Nado both get boosted. I could also put the rest into Oak or maybe focus on either Tornado or Fissure, as opposed to both.


    Amulet - Gaen Amulet of ???/???
    Helm - Ravenlore/Jalals/Harlequin Crest/???
    Armour - Skin of Vipermagi/Rain/???
    Shield - Hel'd SS/Spirit
    Belt - Arachnid Mesh
    Rings - SoJ/Ravenfrost
    Boots - Waterwalk/???
    Gloves - Magefists
    Weapon - HotO

    Here's where my real problems start.
    I know I'll need 99 FCR and I want to hit a reasonable FHR breakpoint so I think Spirit is a good option but then I will have no DR at all which is never good.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gotcha

    Gotcha IncGamers Member

    Dec 24, 2003
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    I have made several attempts at this build and varried a few skills over my multiple remakes. I think Ferro was also trying this type of build if he is still around the forums.

    My current build is dismantled for a while while I make a pure fire/facet build but my stats are close to where you are now. I had a godly helm with 3/3 nado 2os I was using and my build was based on max block but my final stats after what you have done (I did not use a bear - IMO a waste of 2 skill pionts) was putting 1/2 my remaining in Hurricane to synergize my nado and cyclone armor (which I think is key getting you in the 2000 range and with a 3/3 helm, etc. in the 4000 range for nado) and putting the other 1/2 my points into firestorm to pump up my fissure damage. I stopped where you did and saved my skill points until I figured out the options I have and have not finished him. I asked for opinions from others like you but nobody seems to have attempted the hybrid build. My focus was to get 4000 nado with 3500+ fissure, while going with Hurricane as my area spell over geddon since geddon, not synergized a huge amount, is sorta worthless and got sidetracked since I started to think about it and one of the key fire skills is volcano which my current stats was not helping. Several things to note though for PVP.

    You will need max block. PDR to me is not as important but block is.
    You will need to hit the 99% FHR breakpoint and the 68% FCR but if possible the 99% FCR.
    The build may have a lot of promise but it lacks enough skill points to really push the godly build hybrid list.

    Good luck and if you ever find new ideas on this build please post them since I am always interested on variations of this build. As for now I think the pure fire build has more promise.

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