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Dual dreamers build question

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by SbCaes, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. SbCaes

    SbCaes Banned

    Jul 3, 2006
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    Dual dreamers build question

    Hey guys i suppose i wanted propose a question and see if anyone has ever tested this out.

    Equipement for both builds is based off a DUAL DREAM

    1st is the AURAdin wearing dual dreams along with a merc wearing some aura or another. weilding beast as well. Think about Zero units PalaBear as well.


    A Dual Dream Enchant Sorc.

    What is the key differences between thee two builds. for i only see. one is two aruas Sorc, and the pali is 3. Possibly being holy shock and freeze/fire? with maxed convic. wheras the sorc will be weilding an infinity on the merc.

    Is the pali build viable.? albeit both are expensive... but is the pali truly a viable build, as it will be used mostly for pvm. as the sorc is built for pvm as well. ? please leave ur input here =)
  2. Enilias

    Enilias IncGamers Member

    Jul 18, 2006
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    A sorceress has lightning mastery, a pala doesn't. That makes the damage from the sorc somewhat higher. I'm making a single-dream ranged enchantress right now, and it's fun. ^_^
  3. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Both are viable builds. I played 4 types of these chars. Meleesorc zeal, Meleesorc bear. Pala zeal/charge. Pala bear.

    Whereas a sorceress can boost the damage from the lvl 30 holy shock with her light mastery. A paladin can boost the damage with his synergy for holy shock namely resist lightning and salvation.


    1) Raw lightning damage booster. Sorc wins.

    The damage boost is higher for the sorceress, Lightning mastery boosts the aura way more then 20 points in resist lightning and salvation can do. Also when a sorc attacks with a melee attack her mastery is applied twice. A paladin can boost the aura 320% maximum, whereas a sorc can boost it by over a 1000%.

    2) Conviction aura. Paladin wins.

    Whereas a sorc can only get a lvl 12 conviction by sticking an infinity on her merc a pala can use his own lvl 25 conviction.

    3) Main attack (leftclick skill). Paladin wins.
    It's easy for a paladin to use his skills, he is still able to use his zeal and charge to bring the elemental damage at a fast rate. The sorceress has to either use a normal attack or use zeal from passion wich only attacks at +- hlaf speed maximum of what the pala can reach. Since the paladin isn't tied to his attack by a weapon, all weaponchoices are open. It's indeed even possible to get another aura by using beast/doom. The sorc however has enchant for some serious added fire damage, or she can even take frozen orb as a secondary skill.

    4) Survivabilty. Paladin wins.
    It's easier to get decent life and def on a pala. Moreover a paladin has holy shield wich let's you easily reach max block with a dream shield. A paladin also has easier acces to resist because dream can be made in a paladin only shield with up to 45 res all. Because a paladin can use high physical damage weapons a paladin is able to leech good. Grief pb , beast or both good options to zeal with and lifetap + some leech will be a great help at hell.
    Since a sorc doesn't do physical damage lifetap/leech won't help her and you will be stuck drinking pots regularly. Also as a paladin you have a maxed out lightning resist aura wich gives you +10% extra lightning resist making gloams a piece of cake.

    5) movability. Sorc wins.
    Although the pala has charge , the sorc will be able to tele. Handy if you are doing certain area runs like, chaos sanctuary, andy, mephi or baal. 20 or 40% fcr is already enough for a sorc.

    6) Chaos sanctuary runs. Sorc wins.
    Since a sorceres doesn't have much physical damage she can handle iron maiden from those oblivion knights. A paladin will have physical damage and iron maiden will kill.

    Eventually it all depends on your playing style and the items/skills you are using in how good your char will be. Both those 4 builds i mentioned earlier can all be very powerfull in their own way.

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