Dual Dream Blizzard Hybrid- Merely a pipe dream?


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So I'm trying to crunch some numbers to see if this is really worth putting down the wealth to actually make this build. I'd ideally like to do Baal runs for leveling/MF but I'm worried that it just won't be good enough at what it does to kill quickly and safely enough at high player levels in Hell.

Blizzard would be used as a mob killer to clear the throne room at P1, with the Zeal/Holy Shock used for immunes and Baal at P3 or higher.

Obviously the gear would demand quite a bit in terms of stat points, so I'm worried about life and survivability. It doesn't appear that I'll be able to hit all the desirable breakpoints, and I'll be sacrificing resists and life in the process. Here is what I'm looking at so far in terms of gear:

Blizzard switch
Death's Fathom with Cold Facet
Spirit Monarch

Zeal Switch
Passion Phase Blade
Dream Troll Nest

Dream Diadem
Chains of Honor
Arachnid Mesh (to hit the 63 FCR)
Immortal King Gloves (paired with boots to hit IAS)
Immortal King Boots
Highlord's Wrath (to hit the 40% offhand IAS breakpoint)
Stone of Jordan
Raven Frost

4-5 cold/4-5 lightning skillers plus 8-10 shimmering small charms

Infinity eth CV
Fortitude eth
Vamps Gaze (Cham)

Problems - Massive stat requirements are only partially solved by gear bonuses. Dex is especially costly. Getting to 136 will cost me a lot of life, but it would yield pretty decent block. Lack of life-leech is also not good here. Getting life leech would involve giving up something else in return such as IAS or stats or both.

Skill allocation is pretty simple. Max blizzard and synergies along with Lightining Mastery. 1 point in Cold Mastery and other basic pre-reqs.

Anybody ever tried this approach and have some advice? Or is it a fool's errand and I'm better just going down the Blova path?


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I don't believe there to be a better weapon for the non-bear. I would lose a frame on all four swings with a flail or long sword and would have to repair as well.

If I were to give up something, it would probably be the spirit monarch for a lidless wall, but then I lose FCR breakpoints unless I use HOTO.


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I have heard stories of this build being the absolute statistical "best" in terms of Diablo 2 meta. However I still think a plain old 200 FCR lightning sorc would be faster on Baal. However it certainly does lack the style of a melee sorceress that one hits everything in the game.


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I've tried this same build and fine tuned it a bit. The biggest problem is your survivability. The typical setup uses Passion, but this does not do enough damage to leech. Melee is basically a quick death. Here's what my build ended up that nearly eliminated this:

Helmet: Dream - Bone Visage
Shield: Dream - Troll Nest
Armor: Chains of Honor - Archon Plate (life leech and +dmg which boosts Grief for even more leech)
Weapon: Grief - Phase Blade (we need at least 38 IAS to hit 48)
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Belt: Nosferatu's (we need the IAS)
Boots: Your pick (i went with water walk but tri res or stats is fine)
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Crafted blood ring
Amulet: Crafted blood amulet
9x Cold GC's
Light Scs


Final stats:
2k life (3k with BO)
550-45K melee (2k is physical)
6.5k-7k blizzard
20 FCR (10 fcr on ammy/ring)
46%LL with perfect gear
16%ML with perfect gear

This setup dishes out enough damage to kill those Balrogs immune to everything and can also leech back the orb pretty fast. I have also solo'd Ubers several times with this build. One hell of a nice killer!

Edit: A cheaper variant to deal even more damage at the cost of leech-
Swap blood amulet with Highlord's (IAS+DS for leech is handy)
Swap belt with Arach (Let's us hit 20FCR BP)
Swap blood ring with BK ring

You will lose a potential ~17%LL but this is much cheaper and 99% as effective. I prefer the first though for even more tankyness.
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I have heard stories of this build being the absolute statistical "best" in terms of Diablo 2 meta. However I still think a plain old 200 FCR lightning sorc would be faster on Baal. However it certainly does lack the style of a melee sorceress that one hits everything in the game.
The primary idea behind the dual dream is to find a way to run Baal on higher player settings, as blizzard is just not high enough damage. I'm not concerned about dealing with other monsters except cold immunes. 30K X 4 coupled with blizzard seems like a pretty good way to deal damage, but can she tank Baal with low leech?

GalaXyHaXz - Interesting idea about Grief here, although it appears a bit slower attack the leech would be much better. I don't feel like rerolling griefs until I hit 38% so I'd probably just use highlord's the drac gloves and arachnid on the belt.

Boots appear a tough call though- nothing really springs to mind. Marrow walk has some good stats as does waterwalk.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas.


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This build can handle Baal easily, even with only 30k light. You don't want to focus on "Pure" light however, because damage rolls over at 83886. But with conviction, 40k light will own Baal. The waves go down quick as well.

Regarding Grief, the ITD helps a whole lot. But for Bosses, War Cry from CTA is useful. Paired with Conviction you can hit just about anything. Baal has high defense, so I usually cast War Cry and keep whacking until Tap procs.

In tough situations, Marrow Walk is very helpful. The Tap on Dracs may not save you in time. My Sorc could tank Uber Mephisto by casting Tap with Marrows, then back and forth between Blizzard and regular attack. Uber Lilith was doable as well, with 2-3 juvs. Any boss aside from Mephisto/Lilith I use War Cry instead of Tap.

It's definitely a "Glass Cannon" type of build. You will 1-2 hit just about anything. But if you get surrounded then your toast. Grief will save you most of the time, but you have to play it defensively. Always cast blizzard on the pack then work your way in.

For merc, I recommend Holy Freeze as it will keep everything in your Blizzard longer. Give him Andy's, Infinity, and CoH. CoH will give him more leech, res, and skills for the HF. The nice damage on Fortitude isn't important. Remember, the merc is our Conviction bitch as we do all the killing ;)

Edit: This would be your ideal pair of boots except FRW replaced with DEX. These were sold over at JSP and are likely dupes.
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I'm not going to be doing any ubers with this build, only Baal so I won't need to be super geared up (those boots are not dropping anytime soon:confused:) War Cry is also interesting with CTA. Again, thanks for the practical advice here.


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Very true, you won't need godly gear for SP. My build was based purely on battle net (I had it on the 1.13 ladders). I wanted to point how just how good this build really is.

Those boots are from Classic BTW. I realize you probably won't ever find one, but theoretically the best!

This guy had a similar build but used Meteor instead. He uses Passion and Eternity for the Revives.


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Cool idea !!! I still have the dual dream sorc to build in my sept. This definitely opens up possibilities for her after she mats.


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Looks like an interesting build, but may I ask is there any specific reason you don't want to go with a Bearsorc, especially when primarily looking to run Baal? I'm just a big fan of the character :) and it's one of the best Baal running builds I've seen, specifically the Caddy + Dracul's + CoH variant means you are an immortal tank that has just insane damage output. I've tried a lot of different melee sorc variants and neither Passion nor Grief nor other bear setups fulfilled both of these criteria that well. Most importantly, I've had the most D2 fun in a long time with Bearsorc after I made my Dreams. ;) Anyhow, I'd be surprised if a Blizzard hybrid is more practical for Baaling tbh..

But again it's a cool idea and I'd like to see how it plays out!

EDIT: I posted this somewhere else here recently, but why not here as well, short Baal run with that above mentioned setup if interested


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I think Blizz hybrid could be better suited for Chaos running. Could be an interesting option (and very fast/efficient) for P1/P7 seals +Diablo.

although this means it would be a 98-99 thing, but I'm sure the build itself could be fun to mess around in many places at lower levels as well.


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ffs - That is a pretty awesome video! A little more micromanaging than fits my taste with all that switching and recasting/ etc. I might keep that option open though as it just tore up P8 Baal.