Dual dragon + dream helm


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Dual dragon + dream helm

Hey guys, I was thinking it would be funny to build a paladin that shoots out fireballs! And he is also a FoH'er on the side. I've been on and off of him, collecting items and such. Currently, this is what he's got:

20 FoH
20 Conviction
20 Holy Shock

thinking about maxing either resist fire or resist lightning


-Dream helm
-Dual Dragons (shield and armor)
-Spirit sword (33%)
-crafted +1 offensive ammy, 5% fcr, 46% cold res 17% resist everything else
-Trang claw + girth
-Dwarf star ring
-10% fcr ring with mods

One question I have is whether my max holy shock and the aura on the dream helm combines together? Or does it only work if I wear the gear?

How about the fire and lightning resist aura? Does it improve my holy fire and holy shock auras? So far, I've only invested in 1 pt for each.

Right now, I am lvl 78
-str 110
-dex 91
-everything else goes into vitality

any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Re: Dual dragon + dream helm

I believe auras only stack when every one of them comes from gear, and that if you have the same aura on your right-button skill, they are just cycled. (When tested on SP, when I both got aura on gear and on right-button skill, NO aura at all showed up o_O) I don't get the "does it only work if I wear the gear" part though... Did you expect them to stack when you got your gear in inventory?

And I'm quite sure the elemental auras do not transfer onto your Fireballs...

Lvl 20 conviction would be a bit of a waste if you need the skill pts elsewhere.

Check out this Fireball din :)
Re: Dual dragon + dream helm

This brings more with an auradin.If you add a hand of justice for that lvl 16 holy fire , then you have a pure fire auradin.
The auras from items do not stack with your hard points invested in holy shock / holy fire.

Holy shock does get a bonus from resist lightning and salvation.
Holy fire does get a bonus from resist fire and salvation.

To get maximum damage you should have a level 25 conviction aura that lowers the enemy resistances by 150 %.More than level 25 just increases the radius and the "minus defence".So its pretty useless.
The auradin build does not leave any spare points.20 res light/20 res fire/20 salvation/20 conviction (or as many hard points you can get to have a level 25 aura with your + skills from items) are quite a lot.Plus you need some points in holy shield to reach a nice defence and max block without spending too many points into dexternity.
Also , you need another attack than just your auras.For pvm you should get zeal and for pvp charge.
Hope this answers your question.A mix between auradin and foh'er is such a waste.
Good luck with your pally.


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Re: Dual dragon + dream helm

I have actually made a pally similiar to what you're going for...it was along time ago tho so I don't remember the numbers. As for pking w/ fireball...unless the person you're dueling is terrible you probably wont get to enjoy that success too often. I was Foh/Fball.

20 - Foh / Holyshock / Conviction / Holyshield

I used Off GC's (minor mods,3x had 7frw)so that my conviction was not outdone by someone elses w/ a higher.
I also made sure I had 125 FCR, I used enigma/aldurs for 85frw base. I use smc's w/ 5%frw to give me another 50%. All together I had 125fcr,150+frw and I normally had the higher conviction. Its a fun char, the item hunt for it can be annoying and the fball isnt great but when you do get some kills or hit someone w/ foh enough to set up a fball pk...it really opens some eyes!