Dtail/trapper hybrid questions


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Dtail/trapper hybrid questions

My first diablo II char was a martial arts sin that failed misserably. It wasn't untill lvl 80 that I discovered how powerful kicking can be. After hammerdins, skellimancers, and meteorbs, I have returned to the sassin a richer and more experienced player. Heres my build and my questions
Dtail 20 points
Tiger 20 points
Death sent 20 points
Light sent 20 points

Obviuosly points in burst of speed, shadow master guy and weapons block.

My eq: Heres some of my questions. This is what I intend to use:
2x Bartoks (bartoks/jade until I find another bartok)
Chains of Honor stolen from my brother :)
Laying of hands
uped Gore Riders
Ravenfrost and SoJ (for mana)

What to use for the rest is my question. I think I have a 3 to traps ammi lying around, but should I use mara's to up my martial arts as well? Should I use Shako for plus skills or something else to benefit melee? Should I sub Fort for CoH? What belt would be best?

Also, since I am new to trapping, will my traps be doing enough damage since I don't have a lot of synergies? Should I try to make lightening sent syngergies or death trap?



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First lets identify the problems:
getting max resists
getting descent DR
getting descent IAS for DT
getting descent FCR for traps
descent LL/ML

What you stated you'd like to use now:
2x Bartoks (bartoks/jade until I find another bartok)
Chains of Honor stolen from my brother :)
Laying of hands
uped Gore Riders
Ravenfrost and SoJ (for mana)

What I suggest you add to this gear:
spider belt

Why: I would avoid using Tiger to save points for SM or trap synergies. Saving points will help you with trap synergies. Planning for the 24 point 5 kick DT for LImmunes and leaning mostly on traps (lightning plus 50/50 fire/phys) should take you pretty far. Since resists, leech, dr, and ias will be trouble getting anything near max you'll want to stay ranged.

Using kick for the LI will put more pressure on a descent merc (vamp, shaft, infinity for trap damage) and SM to tank for you the plus skills will at least help with SM.

Two important kicker mods are still missing:
Without lifetap most LI will destroy you (skele archers, gloams, etc - unleachable) meaning dracs might be more neccissary than the LOH. If you have an infinity merc you'll need to kick that much less because the damage from death sentry should still be able to lay waste once you've kicked a couple to death. CB is very important because when you kick 5 times and CB is applied 3 times the monster is prolly dead or very close.

Another solution to CB and lifetap would be having last wish PB on switch, but its not the cheapest runeword.

A few tips:
Don't forget that mind blast has bad synergy with death sentry because allied monsters wont get hit. Mind blast does help a lot when kicking because you'll have to tank less damage.

If you have a weapon on switch (last wish, fleshripper, etc) for kicking you'll loose the plus skills from the bartucs so you'll need to plan ahead (for the 24 point 5kick DT).

Using a switch for kicking/traps is especially useful since the last skill used on that particular weapon switch will be 'mapped' to it. Makes dropping light sentries and a death sentry then simply clicking 'w' and your right click is dragon talon now w/out having to use scrolling or other mapped keys.


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1 side for traps with +trap skill claws
1 side for MA with bartuks + jade talon
------ might want strength runeword instead of bartuks for more crush blow

I like jade talon with COH for resists

Dracs is great idea.

Gore rider boots and Guill helm for crush blow.

up the gore riders for great dtalon damage

Infinity merc

1 point in dragon flight - awsome for bring your merc and SM into the fight.