DS and Elemental damage


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DS and Elemental damage

Well, my Double Swinger is back in action and Im having lots of fun with him. I believe I have my general set up decided, my ultimate goal for weapons is Black I think out of Tyrants Cubs. Modest Goals, but with 40% CB and some IAS, it may work out ok, Strength or Crushflange maybe be what it ends up if I am unable to get the Clubs I want.

At this point Im hardly running any leach, no mana and 4% health, purely by chance of my equipment. DS uses none and pots take care of BO and BC when needed.

Defense is hopefully going to be fully handled by DR. Im in Nightmare with 25 or so right now. Hell's goal is around 100, though I see a possible 94 very doable, 124 is possible without shield if I read the magic suffixes and Prefixes right with a combination of DR and mechanics mods.

Now, my issues will be with Phys immunes and IM. I am thinking of trying to beat both with elemental damage. Between charms and wands I think I can get a usable if slow killing amount of damage. Thinking of coupling it with Open wounds or poison.

I am planning on not relying on leach, so the elemental damage does not hurt me much. Considering the low damage of any weapon I find, I think this could out damage Berzerk, and still leave me immune to Mana Burn.

Any thoughts on the plan? I am using maces, though any elemental weapon I could use should do the trick.



Perhaps you an up your Crushflange from normal to EU?

No idea on elemental charm. In fact i have same question too. Doeselemental damage charms help convert your physical attack into elemental attack (or magical attack)

Leeching is important in hell especially you play as Barb..


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Well, there are many weapons that add a good amount of elemental damage, but honestly... Why not putting 1 point into berserk and forgetting about all the hassle altogether? No damage mirrored back to you with Iron Maiden, all your damage converted to magical, which will hurt PI a whole lot... I see little advantage to not getting that one point, after all, it´s only 2 skill points in prerequisites, and 1 in the skill itself, that´s all you´ll need.

Insane Wayne

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Black is a good choice. Tyrant Club is nice, but I like the Scourge better for extra speed, range, and lower STR requirement.

I think it's tough to outperform Berserk with elemental damage. Many PI Hell monsters will be resistant/immune to certain elements; whereas Berserk will tear through them. If you're worried about PI mana burn (ghosts especially), you can easily power shop NM Anya for arcing/flaming throwing spears and use double swing or double throw. Or you could use wands. I would definitely find a way to get OW in your gear, and PMH or poison.

Truth be told, it's not that hard to deal with PI manaburners, using howl/taunt tactics and berserk. Other than ghosts, it's rare to encounter them. Sure you'll need some blue potions, but ghosts drop a lot of those anyway.


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For the elem. damage i would stick with the Baranar's star (lol im oldschooler), or, if im rich i'd make famine - IAS, LL, DMG!, Elem. dmg, PMH, ITD - CeWL :D

CB? Stick with strength. One day, when u get the runes go try Eternity
FORGET about Black - it has knockback ;[
FORGET about Crushflange - it has knockback and sux even more than Black!

I think u should use other items with CB (except for bosses) and get 2xBaranar - cheap and VERY effective


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getting twin blacks is a very easy to achive goal, you should be able to get the runes of nightmare/hell countess with a bit of cubing, now some one correct me if im wrong, but when it comes to attack speed with ds only the main hand wepon counts. and the other 1 will attack at same speed. (or is that just with freanzy). i surgest you get yourself about 8-12 life leach because it will help keep you alive. my freanzy barb can stand in the middle of nm diablos red lighting and heal so fast its like the damage never happened. even if you dont rely on it its very helpful

as was said before beserk is the way to go agaist PI monsters

@lonebarb i actuly find knock back very useful on my meele builds helps provide that extra bit of crowd control and also helps stop those nast mana burners actuly hitting you, yes at times you will hate but it rules the rest of the time


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yes but imo he wants the weapon just for the cb, i mean he uses mass elemental dmg weapons and for strong bosses switch to 2xCB weapons. So he will not jump in meeles with them. I personally would make 2xStrenght in flials at clvl 15-20 xD. Black runeword is MUCH better, but no needed i think

btw do 5xBer mean 100% CB (i won't find them ... i'm just curious :)))


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Thanks for info so far


My DS is 55 at the moment. Amazing how just 25 DR makes him very tough at this point. He is only in act 3, mostly because of a stint of MFing, waste of time and countess runs (got the initial three Sol's).

I do have one in Berzerk, though at this point, no need for it. With suprising lousy weapons, he carves through things very fast on Players 1. Players 8 is about as easy, but he kills very slowly there, as I only have 9% CB and low damage.

Im leaving my options open, but my goal for the momen t is still to get my armour with 4 Sol's into it.

I would be happy to use Baranars, or atleast try it, but that is not presently an option. My weapons were found in normal by act 3 I think.

I know more CB with low damage is best, but I wonder, if Goblin Toe would be enough with good speep weapons? This would free up my Weapon choice somewhat.

I will revisit the Scourge, I had planned to go without DEX, but maybe its worth the investment for its speed and range.