Druid variant lacking funds! help please!

Druid variant lacking funds! help please!

Every single one of you are rolling in the dough. One of you said "I guess ill go spend some sojs now."


Well, my best item is jalals, and desprately i am trying to make an undisclosed druid variant, but i need more funds! So i come to you all, my fellow nature boys, to aid in my quest! Anything donated will be appreciated! I am on ladder, USEAST, and my account name is Sephero

Preferably, i need these things...

5 druid summoning GC
Two sojs
Arachnid Mesh

Come together to help wonderful, wonderful wonderful magnificent me, and i will be eternally grateful! Thanks, bye byes ^_^


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hello you homeless little druid you. Good luck with getting the items... I play on West primarily now (my east accounts belong to a no-trading guild now), so I cna't really help you out. Even if you were on west, I have no extras of those items you need. in fact, I don't even HAVE any of those items you listed, except for the jalal's you already have, and a single ss which i use on my sorc.

Don't worry, not everyone is rollin in the dough. it's just easier to recognize those who are because none of us poor people are going to brag aobut the items we DON'T have :lol:

My suggestion to you is mf some, and start trading for those items. worked for me!



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He's asking for better items than I've even seen on Ladder at this point...

Threads like this personally sicken me.

Make an effort to Equip yourself instead of just begging. That's exactly what this is.

Most people have put a LOT of effort into enriching themselves and many others have put a lot of effort into trying to enrich themselves without much luck.

I had spent the last month trading for SS charms on Ladder, and trust me, that took 4 threads, 1 set up in the Market place and a lot of time looking around to finally get the 5 I have. It also took all the gems and runes I had accumulated playing ladder. I in fact wanted 10 but I haven't really been willing to put the effort into getting 5 more...

And that's just comparable to the cheapest item on your list...

I'll tell you right now, I'd say Most of these guys riches were accumulated Off-Ladder for their PvP chars. On Ladder is a different story and I don't think most have extra arachnid mesh's to be throwing around...


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i have an idea

1) Find a socketed helm

2) Find a socketed set of armor

3) Find some Topazes

4) Insert Topazes into armor and helm

5) Go kill some monsters and get items

6) Trade those items for some of the stuff u need

7) Repeat steps 1 - 6 (if you accumulate better mf gear start using that)

This seems to work really well and allowed me to get all the items i needed


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C'mon, you don't really expect people to give you such valuable items do you? Especially on ladder. Sojs and Mara's are some of the most valuable items on the ladder. They might be a dime a dozon on non-ladder(Soj, especially), but not on ladder. You're like a beggar on the street with a sign that reads "Only $100 bills accepted". Give me a fudgin' break. :mad:

If you really are that poor I recommend you do one or more of the following:

- Build a less equipment dependant variant such as a Fury wolf or wind druid. While still equipment dependant, they don't require super-expensive items to be viable.

- Lower your expectations of the character. By the items requested it sounds like you're trying to build the VERY best summoner possible and have aspirations to solo hell and/or duel. Well, maybe on your budget you should consider the char successful if you can solo nightmare instead.

- Go Magic-Finding. Use p-topazes if you have to. Every one of us that started on ladder were using p-topaes at one point and we all built our item stashes up from that. Please visit the General Strategy forum for tips on MFing.


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I used to give items like these on a regular basis .... then i found out the people i gave them too would end up getting richer than me .. then when i asked for something like a high ed jalals or a shael they would say f u. Thus I dont give items out anymore.

gl man your gonna need it ... talk about aiming high on gear.

I mean 2 sojs ...... just ask for a eth BotD zerk while your at it.


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undisclosed? first of all, i could prolly tell what ur build is simply by looking at the gear u need. 2nd of all, u could just be playing us for fools to get good items to trade off or not even use. 3rd of all those items are worth quite a bit on ladder. 4th of all u could just be a dumb a55. 5th, i think it was stated at the top of the druid forum that druids are quite expensive to play.

besides, i only give out items to my clan members. i think ever since my ladder playing days, i've given out 2 enigmas, 5 sojs, and a messload of runes/elites. that was just to spite u, and yes it is true. now go delude urself with how charitable we are.


Yes the thread starter may have been a bit out of line, but did we all have to stoop so low and be mean? Come on I expected us to be more mature than that.


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But seriously folks, thanks for having me, the monkey's uncle was fabulous... You'll have to send me the recipe sometime. Good night!


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Only 1 or 2 of these posts were even on the limit of being mean...

The rest just gave other suggestions for acquiring the gear that the person asked for. If the people here would've been mean, which they could have easily been, you would've seen many more naughty words.

I for one really wanted to rip into him considering the effort I've put in to building up on ladder and not being able to access the items he was begging for.

It's not only the fact that he's begging but he even made the effort to make others feel guilty if they actually had those items.
Every single one of you are rolling in the dough. One of you said "I guess ill go spend some sojs now."
That "Lol" was just a cheap cover up.

He complains Jalal's is his best item.... When I finally managed to acquire a Jalal's for my main char, I was jumping for joy.

Please don't comment on the fact that people in this thread were mean when it's obvious you haven't been witness to a flaming in quite a while.


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Im poor too. So poor I dont have a ladder character. IF anyone would give me these ItAMZ:

30 res Maras

I would much appreciate it. SInce I am always here on the Druid Forum be nice to me. Dont flame me cuase IM poor and begging.

Also I read some of the responses. I know I could go mfing. But since Im poor I die alot. Can you just help me out? Tanks /w *lazy_man

I know with these Itemz I will rock. When I do get rich I will pay back I promise.


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