Druid tweaking - DR vs Life

Druid tweaking - DR vs Life

I have a full vita wind druid (no block) and I was wondering, for all around dueling purposes is it better to have 175 life or 8% DR?

And which is more favorable - +1 skill and 250 life or 21% DR?


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Re: Druid tweaking - DR vs Life

I personally believe that max block w/ ber'd stormshield is the best way to go. getting hit 1/4 times is way better than having extra life. The only time it doesn't benefit you is against another druid or magic/psn dmg users. Your cyclone armor soaks up elemental attacks nicely.

What is more favorable depends on what you are dueling and whether you need DR or not. Just switch gear based on what you need. Like if you duel another windy or phys damage user throw on Ber'd storm shield to get 50%DR. Spirit or a different shield if you duel a caster.