Druid pelt in pvp: yes or nay?

Druid pelt in pvp: yes or nay?

I've never been a fan of using pelts in pvp. What can a pelt do that a CoA/Jalal/Shako can't (besides a little extra dmg?)

anyhow a friend showed me some of his "godly" pelts and I was wondering if it would be worth it to acquire one for my vita drood, enjoy and let me know what you think:

Rarity: Magical
+3 elemental
+3 Nado
+1 Fury
+2 Fissure
Life based on Lvl [forgot to write down how much per lvl]
Mana based on Lvl [ditto]

+2 Druid
+3 Nado
+3 Geddon
+1 Solar
33 Life
10 Energy
21 CR
Self repair mod

+2 Druid
+3 Nado
+1 Shockwave
10 FHR
36 Life

helm #4
+2 Druid
+3 Nado
+2 Hunger
+3 rabies
2 open sockets

Are any of these pvp worthy, and what situation should I sub this in? Vs what characters?


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Re: Druid pelt in pvp: yes or nay?

maybe helm #4, but id still take a jalal's over it.

with these rare pelts you either got to put up or shut up. jalal's offers alot more than a pelt that just has an extra +1 to tornado. that doesnt really average out to alot of extra damage after pvp.

you're going to at least need +2 druid skills, +3 tornado and anything else like +oak sage. 2 open sockets. fhr. life/str/res. i wouldnt use a rare pelt unless it had all those stats and im not even 100% sure if thats possible. if it is i promise you its insanely rare.

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Re: Druid pelt in pvp: yes or nay?

As Jayson noted, the damage increase will probably be marginal. In terms of optimizing life, it's best to get fhr and resists on gear. Helm three and four could provide decent fhr if socketed with a shael or two, but as you can see they're lacking resists, if I had a wind druid I'd probably use Jalal's over them, well unless either is a green chicken head, then it'd be stylish. ^_^


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Re: Druid pelt in pvp: yes or nay?

helm 1 also can get 2 sockets since it's magical , so you could socket it with nice fhr/dex jewels. i wouldn't count that out.