Dropping out of game during cinematics?


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Dropping out of game during cinematics?

i need hlep, im rushing a friend here and he keep on dropping out of game whenever he tries to go to another act and cinematics kick in

anyone know how to fix this? we tried changing resolution, didnt work

any help would be very appreciated :flowers:


I should really save some of the things I post. I could just cut and paste then. I had the same thing happen to me when 1.10 came out, I wrote an email to Blizzard about it, I never got a reply but the problem went away.

Have you tried skipping the cinematics?


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copy the video mpq's into the folder for diiablo. Maybe do the others just in case. You will need both originial d2 and LOD discs I believe. Once you do that, they should work.

Don't quote me though, I could be wrong.


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Update Drivers for hardware or reinstall Game, And turn-off cinimatics - Dont install them either. Is it an old PC or NEw - New ones should be fine - Mine doews it all the time - sometimes its a Sinlge glitch - restart the comp. and try again (IE: Follow simp[le sindows Troubleshoot - restart, shutdown, restart, "Windows is unable to solve your problem at this time.")


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I had the same prob cause i didn't do the full install. Just hit cancel when the cinematics come up and it won't happen.


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I had that problem once too. I installed the game again and it worked properly. I think it had something to do with having installed the game with the "full install" option.

edit: Or then it was just some weird bug that got fixed by re installing, and it had nothing to do with full or normal install.


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you can play with no sound i believe, but you cant be playing windowed when you switch acts...this is most likely his problem.