Drop stats for bosses and monsters


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Drop stats for bosses and monsters

Does anyone know the % chances for an item to be normal/set/rare/unique that comes from act bosses, superuniques, pindle, and normal monsters assuming zero MF?


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The chance is modified by the item type and Qlvl/Ilvl, so you need to be a bit more specific than that.


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Well, we can assume ilvl = qlvl for simplicity.
Also, this assumes regular items, as class-specific items are more likely to be higher quality.

Normal monsters:
0.25% unique
0.62% set
0.99% rare
2.89% magic
Rest normal

Superunique monsters (including Pindle):
1.14% unique
2.82% set
18.91% rare
Rest magical

Act Bosses:
6.24% unique
14.64% set
19.76% rare
Rest magical

Note that, these numbers do not include the fact that many items do not have set or unique versions. If the game tries to drop a unique or set that does not exist, you get a rare or magic item with higher durability instead. Thi is why you don't see nearly so many set items from act bosses as this would suggest, because a lot of the time they end up being high durability magicals.