Dreamer Merc

Dreamer Merc

Hey. I recently made a new pala "Dreamer"
He has the folowing gear.

Dream - Bone Visage
Dream - Sacred Rondache
Coh - Dusk
Bul Khatos
Gore Riders

I realy like this build and it doesn't realy need a merc but i would like to have one. What would you recommend for aura on the merc? I already have holy shock from dream and conviction as my aura. I was thinking of Might.

Could i have your advice and if you recommend one could you telle me where to find it and what would be his best gear?



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I use a rogue merc with a faith bow, andy's visage and lionheart (might give her fortitude sometime).

I don't think another merc would be more beneficial for me, the faith makes it so I can swing at 4fpa, when she dies I remain at 5fpa. She doesn't tank, so usually she stays alive quite well (even in chaos tristram when I do it with my friends!).