Dreamer/FoH hybrid?


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Dreamer/FoH hybrid?

I have a Dreamer paladin on Non-ladder and I think he is the best thing since the Fanatic Zealer. I was looking at his skills for other builds such as Charger or plain auradin to name a few and I noticed that FoH might be a very viable secondary skill. A Dreamer can really be done with Conviction and Lightning Resist, leaving a slew of points for optimization, such as a Fist of Heavens hybrid.

Even with 20 in Holy Shield, that maxes a normal Dreamer out at 71 points with no points into Defiance. At the expense of 23 more points, you could have a Dreamer/FoH hybrid for those pesky hammerdins that sit in their own fields or blizz sorcs that blizzard themselves or meteor sorcs that camp in the way of a falling meteor or hurricaine druids...ok, well not the ele druids cause of cyclone armor, but you get the point. Does anyone know if this will work? I'm on non-ladder so it would be hard to find certain items if they will make it work but it is something to make you go hmmmm.

You could have a FoH stick on switch with a ber'd or um'd HoZ or whatever a FoHdin uses and swap in a Shako if you need it and voila! A FoHdin with the capabilities of PvM ing with the best of them!

Anyone tried this or feel like testing this? I'm going to remake my paladin into this and if he works well...just maybe....write a guide...

Only time can tell.