Dreamdin Merc Question.


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Dreamdin Merc Question.

I've got an A1 Cold Arrow Rogue for my mercenary that will eventually be using a 15%ED FAITH Great Bow and an ethereal FORTITUDE Archon Plate. I was wondering what would best fill her helmet slot to help her compliment my Dreamdin. Here's what has been suggested to me or what I have thought of and my thoughts...

DREAM Bone Visage (Ethereal)
- Has very interesting, quirky mods that would help a merc: life bonus (does +vit help a merc? how many life do they get per vit if it does work?), FHR, MF, resist all, CTC confuse (I think)

DELIRIUM Bone Visage (Ethereal)
- Again, has more interesting mods but of a different assortment: TONS of interesting CTC spells, +vit (again, how does this work on a merc?), MF, GF

VAMPIRE GAZE Grim Helm (Ethereal)
- Great melee mods: DR, LL, cold damage

ANDARIEL'S VISAGE Demonhead (Can't spawn ethereal right? - indestructable)
- SICK melee mods: IAS, LL, +str (for damage?), CTC poison nova (meh...), odd resist configuration

GIANT SKULL Bone Visage (Ethereal)
- Also great melee mods: CB, Knockback, +str, SOCKETS!!!! (what would be best in those for a merc? IAS/ED jewels?)

...it seems so hard to choose which would be decent for a rogue that's complementing a dreamdin. I suppose the dreamdin would do fine without the merc period (so I've heard...most have her just for the fanatacism), but I still gotta find her a pretty hat as long as she's gonna be killing stuff with me.


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I use that setup with my pvm auradin who using doom BA and dream helm/shield:
- faith great bow
- dragon armor
- eth dream helm